Sat. Apr 1st, 2023

The ‘Seoul International Sports & Leisure Exhibition’, where you can see at a glance the trend of the sports industry, which the government is paying attention to as a future growth engine, is attracting attention as it has been held normally for the first time in four years.

It is an opportunity to experience various latest trends such as grafting with AI technology, and it would be nice to visit with your family this weekend. [Reporter]

Let ‘s tag the smart band on the monitor, and it tells you the amount of exercise you need to do today and the intensity of the exercise. In front of the mirror, you just have to follow the video according to your time, speed and posture, and the AI ​​trainer serves as a customized exercise guide for strength and aerobic exercise. [Park Soo-hee / Drax Pro: There are many people who don’t know what to do when PT is expensive or when I go to the gym. I think it can be a solution that can solve those things.] This virtual augmented reality sport has been improved in both directions. While maximizing the sense of reality, you can get not only the fun of the game, but also a considerable exercise effect. There is also a special hall dedicated to ’boutique fitness’, which is rapidly growing and gaining popularity among young people. Because 온라인바카라of the fun of exercising and the advantages of forming a healthy community, it is spreading to various age groups as time goes by.

[Kim Ye-jin / F45 CEO: Even if I do 10 times, the person next to me can do 5 times. Because it is an exercise that is done at one’s own pace, (even those with advanced training) can come and do it… .]

The K-Sports industry, which had shrunk due to COVID-19, is stretching again.

The government also sees the sports industry as a new national growth engine, and plans to increase its size from 64 trillion won in 2021 to more than 100 trillion won by 2027.

[Cho Hyun-jae / Chairman of the National Sports Promotion Corporation: I think we need to secure a position to lead the new global sports industry in the digital field by combining our strengths, IT and digital fields.] About 250 companies and 1,200 booths are prepared at home and abroad

. SPOEX, where you can meet the latest trends in the sports and leisure industry, continues until Sunday.

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