Sat. Jun 3rd, 2023

David de Gea’s Golden Glove award has been confirmed.

Manchester United won 2-0 against Wolverhampton in the 36th round of the English Premier League (EPL) in the 2022-23 season held at Old Trafford in Manchester, England at 11:00 pm (Korean time) on the 13th. With 3 points, Manchester United remain in 4th place in the league.

After a close early game,메이저사이트 Manchester United scored the opening goal in the middle of the first half. In the 32nd minute of the first half, Anthony, who received a pass from Bruno Fernandes in the box, gave the ball to Anthony Martial on the other side, and Martial shook Wolverhampton’s net with a finish.

Manchester United, who led by one point, ended the game with a key goal in extra time in the second half. In the 5th minute of extra time in the second half, Bruno’s pass went to Alejandro Garnacho, and Garnacho, who drove the ball to the gate and ran, calmly tied the knot of attack even with a defender in front. The match ended in a 2-0 victory for United.

A goal is also a goal, but Man United ended the game without conceding. Due to the result against Wolverhampton, the number of games that De Gea has finished with a clean sheet (no goals) is 16. As a result, De Gea was awarded the Golden Glove, given to the goalkeeper with the most clean sheets in a season, regardless of the results of the rest of the season. De Gea won Golden Gloves in 2017-18 and last season.

It’s hard to say that De Gea has been at the top of the league this season, but along with the performance of the Manchester United defense, he has helped the defense by putting on a few saves through animal reflexes. Manchester United have conceded 41 points in the league this season, ranking fourth in the league for least goals. Manchester City have conceded 31 from 34 games and Newcastle United have conceded 31 from 35 games. Arsenal conceded 39 points in 35 matches.

The possibility of a joint award is open. Currently, Alisson Becker (Liverpool), Nick Pope (Newcastle) and Aaron Ramsdale (Arsenal) are chasing after De Gea with 13 clean sheets. If De Gea concedes in all of his remaining matches and the other players keep clean sheets in all of his remaining matches, he will be able to jointly win the Golden Glove.

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