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He knew that he was an unavoidable opponent in order to rise high. But it was better to avoid meeting at such a moment.

Korean Air beat 메이저사이트Jakarta Bayangkara (Indonesia) with a set score of 1-3 (28-30, 17-25) in Group A of the 2023 Asian Volleyball Confederation (AVC) Men’s Club Volleyball Championship held at Isa Sports City on the 16th (local time). , 25-22, 21-25). Korean Air (six points), which failed to add points due to the defeat on the day, headed for the upper round as second place in Group A, following Jakarta (seven points).

In Group C, which will be tied with Korean Air in the upper round, Suntory Sunbirds (Japan) and Bayanghongor (Mongolia) passed the group stage with first and second place, respectively. Jakarta, Korean Air, Suntory, and Bayanghongor will be regrouped into Group E to determine the two teams that will advance to the semifinals once again.

For Korean Air, the situation is not optimistic. First of all, the result of the match against Jakarta in Group A is inherited as it is in Group E, so it is burdensome to start with one loss. In addition, meeting Suntory first due to schedule is a burden. This is because Suntory is expected to use 100% of its power against Korean Air to win the first game of the upper round.

Of course, if you want to challenge for the championship, Suntory is an opponent you will have to meet and defeat someday. But the timing is not good. If Suntory had been on a schedule to meet Korean Air after winning 2 wins, it would be regrettable that, depending on the progress, they could have secured a spot in the semi-finals and started out with a little slack. In addition, because the game is played with one loss in hand, the pressure of losing is likely to bother the Korean Air players.

If Korean Air loses to Suntory, there is only one possible way to advance to the semifinals. It should be a situation where Suntory wins 3 times and the other 3 teams go 1-2. For this to happen, 1) Bayanghongor must beat Jakarta on the 18th, 2) Suntory must beat Jakarta on the 19th, and 3) Korean Air must beat Bayanghongor on the 19th. It should be. Even if this happens, if you are behind in points and sets, you cannot advance to the semifinals. This is why we must win the match against Suntory.

Suntory’s most powerful weapon is, by far, its height. Middle blocker Dmitry Mushalsky (Russia), who commanded the world, usually acts as an apogee at Suntory. The overwhelming height of 218 cm will act as a threat to Korean Air wing strikers. The center isn’t too bad either. This is because the main middle blocker of the Chinese national team, Peng Xicun, is holding on. Peng Shikun is also a player with an outstanding height of 210 cm, and both his fast attack and blocking are burdensome for Korean Air players.

In order for Korean Air to break through the two iron walls with a total height of 428 cm, high speed and the use of various attack courses are essential. The odds of winning are not high if you fight back with strength and height. Also, effective serve strategy is important. It is difficult to create an effective block with Mushalski’s straight line attack or Peng Shikun’s fast attack set with a perfect RBI. You need to shake up Suntory’s receive with a sharp serve so that his passes to Mushalski and Peng Shikun are jagged. It’s even better if you can force Feng Xu-kun to join the receive with a short falling serve, especially when Peng Xu-kun is in the avant-garde.

Head coach Tommy Tillikainen said in an interview right before the start of the tournament, “I faced Mushalski several times when I was in the Japanese league. There are also strategies. I think our players have enough ability to implement that strategy.” Will Tillikainen’s Mushalski strategy be able to save Korean Air from a crisis?

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