Tue. Oct 3rd, 2023

For the second year in a row, fall baseball is a thorny road.카지노

The Kia Tigers walk with a heavy heart after their five-win season collapsed. It’s been a while since they’ve tried to reorganize and make changes amid a lack of foreign starters and closers, but the rebound has been elusive. Adonis Medina (27) is practically on his way out, and closer Jung Hae-young still needs time. In the meantime, captain Kim Sun-bin (34) is out with an injury. Now down to eighth place, three games behind fourth-placed Lotte, KIA still has hope, but the chase for ninth-placed Hanwha, which is 2.5 games behind, is also threatening.

However, it hasn’t all been bad news for Kia lately. The team has been energized by its younger players.Catcher Shin Beom-soo (25)’s recent performance has been noteworthy. When he was called up last month, the general consensus was that he would only be a backup to Han Seung-taek (29). However, armed with eagerness, he gradually increased his playing time and is now the de facto No. 1 catcher. His defense and pitching, which was a concern, have stabilized over time, and at the plate, he’s showing a bit of a problem-solver’s temperament b’Genius’ Kim Do-young (20) is also in a good rhythm after returning from injury. He recorded a multi-hit game against Gwangju KT on the 23rd, his first game back in the first team, and continued his multi-hit streak with two doubles on the 24th. After fracturing his left metatarsal, it was unclear whether he would return in the first half of the season, but he made a quick recovery using his youth as a weapon, but it was expected that his performance in the first team would take time. There were also concerns that his struggles in the offense last year, his debut season, would reappear in his injury absence. However, Kim has shown quick adaptability not only in attack but also in defense, making the KIA bench smile.y hitting a home run at key moments. After free agent Park Dong-won left the team, the catcher position seemed to be one of KIA’s biggest weaknesses, but Shin Bum-soo is providing some relief.

Left-hander Choi Ji-min, 20, has also continued his evolution into a must-win pitcher. After a promising start to last year’s exhibition season, Choi was plagued by velocity jitters after the start of the season, but has since regained his confidence through the Hampyeong Pitching School and the Australian Baseball League (ABL) Geelong Korea in the offseason, and has been a pivotal part of the first-team bullpen this season. A series of blowouts in early June raised some eyebrows, but he has regained his composure recently. On June 24 against KT, he came in with the tying run in scoring position and struck out the “national bullpen” Park Byung-ho.

KIA has always had a strong image as a team led by veterans. Yang Hyun-jong (35) on the mound and Choi Hyung-woo (40) and Na Sung-beom (34) in the batting order are still the centerpieces. However, the younger players have recently injected a lot of energy that the veterans can’t provide. The future is bright for KIA, even in the midst of a difficult and challenging season.

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