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Jinseo Shin (23), 9th Dan, the ‘absolute first’ of Korean baduk, challenges three top professional players to win the come-from-behind championship.

Shin Jin-seo is scheduled to play against Ahn Seong-joon (32), 9th Dan, the 3rd M generation, in the 7 finals of the ’22-23 Hana Bank MZ Baduk Super Match’ held on the 16th.

‘MZ Baduk Super Match’ is an event in which 5 professional players each from Generation M (born between 1981 and 1996) and Generation Z (born between 1997 and 2010) participate in a winning streak competition to determine the winning team.

However, by the middle of the tournament, the Z generation knights fell into sluggishness and were driven to the edge of a cliff.

From the first round of the tournament, Geum Woo (22) 4p, Yujin Oh (25) 9p, and Sangjo Han (24) 5p from Generation Z were all defeated by Generation M Han Tae-hee (30) 7p.

In Generation Z, Song Ji-hoon (25), 8th dan, stopped Han Tae-hee’s winning streak in the 4th, and Choi Jeong (27, 9th dan) won two consecutive victories, but lost to Ahn Seong-joon.

As a result, Generation Z was left alone with Shin Jin-seo, the last runner.

The M generation is waiting for Kang Dong-yoon (34) and Park Jeong-hwan (30), 9th Dan, following Ahn Seong-jun.

Accordingly, in order for Generation Z to win the come-from-behind championship, Shin Jin-seo must win three consecutive victories at the last minute.

Of course, it is not an impossible goal for Shin Jin-seo, who has maintained the No. 1 ranking in Korea for 38 consecutive months.

Shin Jin-seo led the come-from-behind championship for two consecutive years by appearing as the last runner in the Nongshim Shin 온라인카지노Ramen Cup, a national competition between Korea, China and Japan.

Shin Jin-seo, who led the Korean championship with 5 consecutive victories at the last minute in the 22nd Nongshim Cup last year, also won 4 consecutive victories as the last runner in the 23rd Nongshim Cup, which ended in February this year, and won the tournament for the second consecutive time.

Shin Jin-seo is ahead of the remaining three players of the M generation and all of them in terms of total opponents.

Ahn Seong-jun, his first opponent, showed a perfect advantage with 8 wins.

He had a high win rate of 78.57%, significantly ahead of veteran Kang Dong-yoon with 11 wins and 3 losses.

Even Park Jeong-hwan, who is ranked second in the Korean ranking, who is expected to be the last runner of the M generation, recorded a win rate of 58.18% with 32 wins and 23 losses.

However, the fact that Shin Jin-seo’s recent game has been focused is a concern for the Gen Z team.

On the 4th, Shin Jin-seo suffered his first defeat of the year while making a forced march of the first ‘three games a day’.

The match against Ahn Seong-jun was originally scheduled for the 17th, but Shin Jin-seo, who advanced to the Chinese Baduk League postseason, overlapped with the schedule and delayed it by a day.

Despite these unfavorable conditions, the atmosphere is that the direction of winning the ‘MZ Go Super Match’ is still unpredictable.

Park Jeong-sang, 9th Dan, who served as a commentator on Go TV, said, “With the expectation that Shin Jin-seo, the No.

The ‘MZ Go Super Match’ is conducted in a fisher method with a time limit of 20 minutes each, 20 minutes each, and an additional time of 20 seconds.

The winning prize is 70 million won.

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