Wed. May 31st, 2023

Claims have been made that João Cancelo will play for another team next season.

Britain’s ‘Cut Offside’ said on the 12th (Korean time), “Bayern Munich has no intention of completely recruiting Cancelo. Barcelona and Arsenal will compete for Cancelo.”

Cancelo left Manchester City (Man City) on loan in January and entered Munich. As he is evaluated as a top-notch full-back, he was expected to be a starting pitcher in Munich as well.

Reality 메이저사이트was different from expectations. Cancelo spent a lot of time guarding the bench. It is said that Munich coach Thomas Tuchel has no intention of fully signing Cancelo this summer.

It is unlikely that he will return to Manchester City. The chances of him returning to Manchester City are slim, as he had a conflict with manager Pep Guardiola before leaving Manchester City.

Fortunately, a club that reached out to Cancelo appeared. According to reports, Barcelona and Arsenal, who want to sign the full-back this summer, are keeping an eye on Cancelo’s situation.

The team that is particularly active is Barcelona. Barcelona is evaluating that Cancelo will be able to revitalize the right-back, which is pointed out as a weakness.

Financial problems are cited as a stumbling block. ‘Cut Offside’ said, “Barcelona can’t afford to sign Cancelo financially. We will promote recruitment in the form of a lease.”

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