Sat. Apr 1st, 2023

Pittsburgh Pirates Choi Ji-man expressed his regret at not being able to wear the Taegeuk mark. 

On the 6th, KBO said, “WBCI (World baSeball Classic Inc) informed the KBO on the 5th that only Choi could not compete in the WBC. Instead of Choi Ji-man, SSG outfielder Choi Ji-hoon will join.” 

Pittsburgh expressed its intention against participating in the WBC, citing Choi Ji-man’s surgical history. Accordingly, the WBCI held an injury review committee to deliberate on whether or not to allow Choi Ji-man to participate in the WBC, and decided as such. 

According to the WBCI’s final judgment, Choi Ji-hoon was selected as the national team by the WBC Korea National Team Technical Committee Chairman Jo Bum-hyeon, the Technical Committee, and national team coach Lee Kang-cheol. The national team submits a 30-man entry to the WBCI on the 8th. 

Choi Ji-man announced his position through his agency this afternoon. 

He said, “On the 6th, I received a final notification through the KBO that I could not play for the Korean national team in the World Baseball Classic (WBC). Through the framework of the World Baseball Classic Organizing Committee (WBCI), the KBO team, Pittsburgh, expressed its objection to participating in the WBC, citing my recent elbow surgery history. It is said that the decision to not be allowed to participate has been made.” 

Showing his strong will to participate in the national team, he said, “Not only me, but all athletes, regardless of sport, would have dreamed of running as a player representing the country with a national flag on their chest. This time, he was overjoyed 스포츠토토when he was included in the WBC national team reserve list. But maybe it’s because I had high expectations? The disappointment and frustration caused by the decision to not be accepted is also very great.” 

In addition, “I had elbow surgery, which the team was concerned about, but I returned to the United States and was going through a normal rehabilitation process, and recently there was no problem enough to proceed with live betting. I was improving my physical condition in line with the schedule for the first round in Tokyo as well as joining the national team scheduled for the middle of this month, so the disappointment I feel is so great and painful.” 

Choi Ji-man said, “Even though my dream of joining the national team collapsed due to the influence of the surrounding environment against my will, if I am given another chance next time, I want to achieve my dream of becoming a national team member. If you are digesting the season in a healthy way in the major leagues this season, I think there will be an opportunity to contribute to the country in a better shape.” 

Lastly, “Although I was unable to participate in the WBC, as a Korean citizen, I will cheer for Korea so that it can achieve good results in this tournament. It may not be an easy journey, but Korea’s potential is great. It will definitely give you good grades. Fighting for Korea!”, he concluded.

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