Sat. Sep 30th, 2023

Statements from various organizations in Jeonju, North Jeolla Province, condemning the relocation of professional basketball team KCC continued on Thursday.

More than 30 organizations, including the Jeonju Volunteer Federation and the Council of Women’s Organizations, issued a joint statement on the same day, demanding that “KCC Aegis apologize for betraying the people of Jeonju and its fans by pursuing petty interests, and that head coach Choi Hyung-gil resign.”

“The shock, 스포츠토토 betrayal, and anger experienced by the people of Jeonju and their fans is hard to fathom,” the organizations said, adding that KCC had decided to relocate the stadium and used the delay in building an indoor gym as an excuse.

Disability organizations, including the Jeollabuk-do Association for the Retarded, also issued a statement, saying, “KCC, which has been with the people of Jeonbuk-do for 22 years, forced the relocation of the stadium within a month without a single conversation,” and demanded, “Bow down and apologize to the people of Jeonbuk-do and basketball fans.”

The Jeonbuk Small and Medium Business Association and the Jeonju Small Business Association also warned, “The decision to relocate the franchise like a military operation is a terrible and ruthless trampling on the pride of 650,000 Jeonju residents.” “If there is no explanation, we will boycott all products related to KCC,” they said.

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