Sat. Apr 1st, 2023

The sale of Manchester United, the prestigious English Premier League, is in full swing.

The deadline for submitting Manchester United’s sale bid has been set for the 17th, next Friday, local time. The manager is the Rainey Group, which oversaw the sale of Chelsea.

British media reported on the 9th that the Glazer family is looking for a buyer who paid a total of £6 billion, but the initial offer is likely to be £4 billion.

The Glazer family, the owners 먹튀검증of Manchester United, want 6 billion pounds (about 9.17 trillion won), but there are variables. In fact, the sale price of the club may be lower because it has to bear the cost of redevelopment of Old Trafford, the old home stadium.

It is said that the Glaze family is already negotiating behind the scenes with a specific group after making the sale official.

A well-known one is the Qatar Sports Investment Group (QSI). QSI, who owns Paris Saint-Germain in France, has expressed a desire to also own Manchester United.

However, it is said that a consortium led by David Beckham is on the list of buyers who are attracting attention again recently. Beckham was a Manchester United icon. It is said that he formed a consortium because he could not take over the club alone. In addition to his reputation, Beckham already has experience in running a professional soccer team.

In addition to owning Inter Miami, an American Major League Soccer team, he is also a member of the Board of Directors of Salford Club in England. He has his own know-how in running a soccer team.

Beckham’s net worth is around £370 million, but he is said to have a ‘proprietary’ in which to invest £6 billion. His former teammate Rio Perdiand is also expecting him to bet. Of course, no specific proposal has been made yet.

In addition, Apple, the world’s best IT company, is said to be on the list of buyers. Apple’s assets are £2 trillion. Apple expressed interest in buying Man Utd in November of last year, with CEO Tim Cook at the center.

There is also a plan to build a new stadium to replace Old Trafford, but Apple has yet to reveal specific bidding plans.

In addition, British media reported that a Saudi Arabian investment group was also interested in buying Manchester United. British billionaire Sir Jim Ratcliffe and Spanish fashion group Amancio Ortega are also plotting a takeover of Manchester United.

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