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On May 13 last year, Tottenham won 3-0 against Arsenal at their home stadium. Until the game, Tottenham ranked 5th with 62 points with 19 wins, 5 draws and 11 losses, and Arsenal ranked 4th with 66 points with 21 wins, 3 draws and 11 losses. It was a bloody battle between the two teams to finish in the 4th place that will qualify for the Champions League. The result was a complete victory for Tottenham 3-0, and Arsenal kept 4th place with a 1-point difference.

Tottenham played their 36th match of the season against Burnley in two days. 1-0 victory, Tottenham, who played one more game, rose to 4th place with a 2-point difference. If Arsenal wins against Newcastle United in an away game on the 17th, they could regain 4th place with a 1-point difference.

In the fateful May 17th match held at Newcastle United’s home ground, St James’ Park, Arsenal again lost 2-0 again, and the 4th place recapture was in vain, and in the end, Tottenham failed to qualify for the Champions League.

After the match, 토스카지노 Arsenal manager Mikel Arteta exploded in the changing room at the away stadium. He called the players to change clothes, and he really lashed out at the players while blowing a nutmeg.

When he was so angry, Arteta yelled at the players to “shut your mouth.” Arteta, who couldn’t stand the anger, fired a strong shot at something like a water bottle on the dressing room floor.

Arteta said to the players, “Newcastle are 10,000 times better than our team.” As if they had become criminals, the players hung their heads and stared at the locker room floor.

And on May 8, about a year later, Arteta was again ahead of the Newcastle away game like fate. If Newcastle gets caught again, they will be completely eliminated from the fierce battle for first place, and their dream of winning will disappear.

Before leaving for the pitch, Arteta reassembled the players in the hotel conference room. Then he played a video. It was the ‘video of anger’ taken last year. It was Arteta’s strategy to arm himself mentally before an important game.

This video is contained in the ‘All or Nothing’ documentary made by Amazon last year.

“After today’s victory, I felt a lot of pride and a little bit of relief in the dressing room this time,” said the Ramsdale goalkeeper after a gut-wrenching 2-0 win over Newcastle.

Ramsdale said, “Before the game, the manager showed me a video from last year. We showed all the faces of the players,” he said. “When we left the hotel, we promised that today would not be the same as last year, and that desire was ignited.”

Arsenal’s captain Odegard also said that he had such thoughts. He said, “We showed something special here today. It’s not easy to come here and win,” he said. “To be honest, last year was one of the toughest days of my career. But even though he lost to Man City, he beat Chelsea and came back to St. James Park after a year and showed the spirit to win.”

[The manager Arteta, who lost against Newcastle last year, is shouting at the players to shut up. I got angry and kicked the water bottle. Arteta high-fives the Ramsdale goalkeeper after a win over Newcastle a year later. Medal of Victory Oedegard.

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