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Women’s volleyball, which has emerged as a sport representing winter, is receiving great attention from the public. For a better future and a leap forward, Han Yu-mi, the women’s volleyball team coach and KBSN commentator, shares her thoughts on volleyball. Let’s look at women’s volleyball in a variety of ways from the perspective of a legend who has been with us since the launch of the V-League.

The players ahead카지노사이트 of this year’s national team schedule are preparing for the tournament more responsibly than ever. Due to last year’s grades, he felt a great burden and was carrying a heavy burden. As a leader, I think I know very well how important this time is without having to tell the players. Rather, I believe that the pain of last year served as a stimulus for the players to mature and feel more responsible. Isn’t it said that people grow as much as they are sick?

Captain Park Jung-ah seems to feel a greater sense of responsibility than anyone else. She may be a burden, but she is playing her captaincy role well with that responsibility. Park Jung-ah is a player who could not say that she was having a hard time even in a difficult environment last year. Although she received many criticisms, she managed to complete all competition schedules. This is the part where we can get a glimpse of Park Jung-ah’s sense of responsibility towards the Taegeuk mark. He is growing into a player who suits the captain very well.

Not only Park Jeong-ah, but other players such as Yeom Hye-seon, Pyo Seung-ju, Moon Jeong-won, and Kim Mi-yeon silently do their part. The role of a senior in a team is as important as that of a leader. As veterans, these players set the mood for the team and are well positioned. I am new to coaching because of these players, and I am working more comfortably than I was worried about. They are really strong players.

Women’s volleyball team captain Park Jung-ah.Jincheon | yunhap news

Women’s volleyball team training. Jincheon | yunhap news

Some players wore the Taegeuk mark for the first time this time. Shin Yeon-gyeong, Moon Ji-yoon, Kim Da-eun, and Kim Ji-won entered the Jincheon National Training Center for the first time, and they are adapting quickly as if it were not their first time. Passion and motivation are second to none of the older sisters.

The synergistic effect between veterans and rookies can be seen in the training atmosphere. In addition to volleyball, players from various sports are gathered in the athletes’ village. It is a place where each person has a sense of purpose and concentrates on sweating. Thanks to this, players are voluntarily digesting training and building their bodies without anyone forcing them.

Moon Jung-won, who came from the national team after changing his position to libero, does a lot of personal training. It can be awkward because it is his first position, but he is adjusting well. He is confident that he will get better with each game and competition.

Efforts to compensate for his weaknesses are also continuing. Our national team has a weakness of not having a professional apposite spiker. To compensate for this, outside heaters, including Moon Ji-yoon, are digesting training in the form of various attacks from the left and right. Because of this, the amount of training has to increase, but the players are not complaining and are following along well. It’s unique.

It’s a long journey. Starting with the Volleyball Nations League, important competitions such as the Asian Championships, Olympic Qualifiers, and Asian Games will continue for four months. Currently, women’s volleyball is truly enjoying its golden age. Everyone knows that the role of the national team is important to maintain the current popularity and interest. I think last year’s slump was a process to get better. There are things we can learn from failure. Our players must have been the same. I will do my best until the end to show a different image from last year.

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