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Reidel Martinez (27), closer of the Chunichi Dragons of the Nippon Professional Baseball, pitched 19 innings in 20 games this season. He made 2 runs, which is a visa book. He went 1-1 with 3 holds and 14 saves. It’s been over two months since the season started, but the average ERA is ‘0.00’.

He faced 71 batters, striking out 30. 9 inning average strikeout rate 14.21. There is only one walk. His batting average is 107.4 and his WHIP (on-base percentage per inning) is 0.68.

It is an ‘iron wall’ equipped with a powerful ball and even a ball.스포츠토토

This season, he only conceded against the Hanshin Tigers, who were ranked first among the five Central League opponents. In the Pacific League and Interleague (exchange matches), he took the mound in turn against the Softbank Hawks, Orix Buffaloes, and Save Lions, pitching one scoreless inning each.

As of the 12th, 2nd place in saves in the Central League. Overwhelm competitors with records.

1st place Yamasaki Asaki (Yokohama Bay Stars) has an average ERA of 4.95 (3 losses, 15 saves, 2 holds). percy

Martinez recorded his 100th career save against Yomiuri on May 6. Photo source = Chunichi Dragons SNS
Naoya Masuda (Chiba Lotte Marines), who ranked first in the pick league, is recording 1.90 (1 win, 8 holds, 16 saves).

Martinez’s primary weapon is his fastball. More powerful this year. average speed of 155.3 km/h. Since entering the Japanese professional baseball in 2018, it has increased every year.

According to Japanese sports magazine Chunichi Sports, this year is a career high. It recorded 144.7 km per hour in 2018, 153 km in 2019, 154.9 km in 2020, 153.9 km in 2021, and 154.2 km in 2022.

Not only his fastball, but also his splitter is powerful. This year, 23 out of 30 strikeouts, 76.7%, were splitters. The average velocity of the splitters is 146.4 km/h, and the miss rate is 44.4%.

Right-hander Martinez is from the Cuban national team. He joined Chunichi in 2017 as a foster player. In 2018, he became an official player and achieved the ‘Japan Dream’.

Chunichi, which came last last year, is also at the bottom this year. He is not making good use of his top finish.

Chunichi closer Martinez recorded an average ERA of ‘0.00’ in 19 games this season. Photo source = Chunichi Dragons SNS
Since 2020, he has been in charge of finishing in earnest, and has established himself as the best closer. He pitched in 56 games last year, saved 39 (4-3, 5 holds, 0.97 ERA) and won his first title. His annual salary this year is 200 million yen (about 2 billion won).

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