Tue. Oct 3rd, 2023

China’s men’s soccer is continuing to struggle.

China, ranked 80th in FIFA rankings, conceded the first goal to Malaysia, ranked 137th in FIFA rankings, in a friendly match held in Chengdu, China on the 9th, and drew 1-1. 온라인바카라 China repeated its poor performance, losing 0-1 to Syria, ranked 94th in the FIFA rankings, in the second friendly match held at the same venue on the 12th.

The details of the match against Syria were even more shocking. China lost to Syria despite launching a total offensive attack with 18 shots, including La Liga player Wu Lei playing full-time. Last February, China promoted Serbian coach Alexander Jankovic from the U23 national team coach to the A national team coach, but it did not see any effect.

After the game, Chinese fans’ public sentiment reached its worst. Fans were very angry, saying, “If this is going to happen, disband the national team,” “Can’t they even beat Syria, which has a low world ranking?”, “It’s really not worth the ticket price,” and “There’s no money to give to the Chinese national team.”

‘Time Sports’ also said, “There is no reason to spend time and money supporting the Chinese national team, which is not doing so well. Despite the loss, the coaching staff clashed with the fans after the game. Some players, including Zheng Zi, glared at the fans who criticized them and tried to hit them. “Is there no immediate pride or shame in Chinese soccer?” he fiercely criticized.

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