Sun. Oct 1st, 2023

Reporter Lee Geon Sports] Tottenham manager Antonio Conte gave Hugo Lloris unwavering trust.

Coach Conte held an official press conference on the 16th, two 안전놀이터 days before the away game in the 28th round of the English Premier League (EPL) against Southampton. While talking about various things, a question about Hugo Lloris came up. Currently, Lloris is out of action due to injury. In his place, Fraser Foster is guarding the goal. The recent poster shows a stable appearance. So even if Lloris returned, the question was whether he would not have a starting position.

Conte first praised the poster for this. “Forster is doing well. He’s reliable. He’s a good player and person. A good signing that will have a positive impact on the whole team,” he said.

Even so, Conte cared for Lloris. “It’s good that Foster is doing well now,” he said, “if Lloris returns, he’ll be our team’s first goalkeeper.”

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