Tue. Oct 3rd, 2023

Hanwha defeated Samsung and hit a 50% weekly win rate. 

Hanwha won the home game against Samsung in the 2023 Shinhan Bank SOL KBO League, held at Daejeon Hanwha Life Eagles Park on the 4th, 10-5. In the 5th inning, Lee Jin-young’s pinch-hit home run brought victory. 스포츠토토

With 10,000 spectators (12,000) filling in two days in a row, they presented a victory that made up for the disappointment of the previous day’s defeat. 9th place Hanwha, which escaped from the sweep defeat crisis against Samsung, marked 19 wins, 29 losses and 3 draws. 

Hanwha, who led 6-0 but was chased 6-5, hit a wedge with pinch hitter Lee Jin-young’s grand slam in the fifth inning with two outs and bases loaded. It was the second home run of the season and the first home run of an individual. 

In the 5th inning, when Choi Jae-hoon walked and the bases were loaded with two outs, Samsung lowered starting pitcher Albert Suarez, who had 110 pitches, and put in sidearm Woo Kyu-min. Then, Hanwha coach Choi Won-ho took out Lee Jin-young as a pinch hitter instead of Kim Tae-yeon. 

Lee Jin-young, who showed strength this season with 4 hits and 3 walks in 10 at-bats against under-pitchers, roared with a decisive blow. After picking the ball for the first pitch, he pulled the 121km curve that came in low with the second pitch and passed it over the middle left fence. Distance 125m. It was the second home run of the season and the first home run of his personal career. 

After the game, Hanwha coach Choi Won-ho said, “The point of today’s game was that Kim Bum-soo and Gam Jae-min prevented it well in a crisis. In a situation where the flow could go wrong, the two pitchers and the defense showed their concentration and kept the victory.” praised 

Kim Beom-soo came out of the 5th inning with one out and bases loaded, which was chased by 6-4, and allowed Jae-Sung Kim to walk, but Ji-Chan Kim struck out on a swing and Ho-Jae Kim was grounded to shortstop, not allowing a tie. Kang Jae-min was put in with one out and bases loaded in the 7th inning, striking out Jae-il Oh on a swing, and Jeong-bin Yoon with a shortstop grounder, clearing up the crisis. Kim Beom-soo’s 2nd win of the season, Kang Jae-min’s 4th hold. 

In addition, coach Choi Won-ho added, “From the beginning of the game, the batting line scored and caught the flow, and when the pursuit was allowed, Jin-young Lee came out as a pinch hitter and brought the flow back with a home run. Lee Jin-young was the best player in today’s game.” 

Hanwha, who finished with 3 wins and 3 losses this week, is scheduled to play against Doosan in Jamsil and LG in Daejeon next week. 

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