Wed. Jun 7th, 2023

 The weight of the starting pitcher inevitably grows with each passing year. It is an opportunity that has been seized by overcoming the competition, but the burden of protecting it is formidable. It is the professional’s destiny to prove it with results.

This is the case for KIA Tigers infielder Hwang Dae-in (27). He was dropped as the starting first baseman last year and spent the full season. As he poured out career-high records, it seemed that the move worthy of the title of ‘next-generation gun’ was beginning in earnest.

However,먹튀검증 the ‘full-time 2nd year’ is a series of trials. During the month of April, his batting average was only .209 (16 hits in 73 at-bats). He produced two home runs and 13 RBI, but struck out 20 while picking up six walks. His sluggish hitting led to defensive anxiety. Invisible misses that were not recorded as mistakes began to appear. Confidence gradually fell, and a vicious cycle of sluggishness continued. Memories of the good start, losing confidence, and going to the bench soon began to come to mind. Recently, it is difficult to find a smile on his face, who played the role of a dugout atmosphere maker to the extent that he was called ‘Gwiyomi’. During the first half of May, his batting average dropped to 10 percent (10 7 pun 6 li).

KIA coach Kim Jong-guk said, “I will know” about Hwang Dae-in’s recent move. He expressed concern, saying, “Last year, it may have seemed lacking, but I gained experience by playing (as a first baseman and a center hitter),” and “I have to perform as well as last year this year, but recently my confidence has dropped significantly.” Yet “

Daegu Samsung exhibition on the 16th. Hwang Dae-in started from the bench. In a situation where confidence had fallen to the bottom, a change of atmosphere was needed. But suddenly, an opportunity came. Third baseman Ryu Ji-hyeok, who started, was hit by a foul hit and was replaced, so first baseman Byeon Woo-hyuk moved to third base, and Hwang Dae-in was put in instead. In the first at-bat, Dae-in Hwang kicked up Samsung starter Tae-in Won’s fastball and hit a solo shot in the left middle wall. In a 2-2 tie situation, he contributed to the team’s 8-2 victory by making a come-from-behind final blow against Samsung Pil Seung-jo. After the match, coach Kim praised Hwang Dae-in, saying, “Despite being a substitute, Dae-in Hwang led the team’s attack well by chasing a solo home run and posting the final RBI. I hope that today’s match will revive him.”

The performance of Hwang Dae-in, who has the ability to add strength to the team’s batting line, is encouraging for the KIA, which is struggling this season with a weakened central batting line. Last year, Hwang Dae-in showed a batting average in the 30% range for a month in May, laying the foundation for completing the season. It is noteworthy whether the multi-hits he launched from Dalgubeol will signal a rebound from the long slump.

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