Tue. Oct 3rd, 2023

온라인바카라Many baseball players dream of joining the Armed Forces Athletic Corps.

This is because they can play in the Futures (second division) league while serving in the military, and the training facilities are as well-equipped as professional teams.

Infielder Koo Bon-hyuk (26), who will be a sergeant next week, said, “I feel lucky to have come to Sangmu. Time has gone by so fast,” he says.

“It’s the best weight facility I’ve ever been to,” he said, “and I have a lot of time, so I’m working out a lot.” When asked if he’s feeling better, he said, “I’m not sure.

When asked if his body has improved, he replied, “Do you want me to take it off?” and revealed his unabashed confidence.

Koo, who was batting just 0.268 in the second team before joining the army, raised his average to 0.336 in the commercial team last year and is batting 0.302 in 48 games this season.

Now, he aims to keep up the good work until he is discharged from the military in November and join the first team of his hometown team, the LG Twins.

“I’ve been following LG’s games, and I think they’re going to win this year,” said Koo. “I’ll have to prepare a lot so that I can be with them (the first team) when I get out of the military.”

He’s also motivated by the performance of Shin Min-jae, who plays multiple positions. Shin is batting .344 (33-for-96) this season and has developed into a solid second baseman.

“I’ve been watching Min-jae improve a lot,” said Koo, “and I think I can improve as well,” he added.

While the first-team all-star game is a festive occasion where fans are entertained by unusual performances, the Future All-Star Game is a valuable stage for second-team players to prove their skills.

“I wanted to show you a different side,” said Koo Bon-hyuk, regretting the possibility of the game being cancelled due to rain, “and I really hope the rain stops.”

Fortunately, the rain has eased up a bit and it looks like the tournament will go ahead as planned, giving Koo a well-deserved holiday.

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