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The Winged Foot GC in Mameroneck,카지노사이트 New York, USA, where the US Open was held three years ago, was called the ‘course from hell’. Not only was the battlefield long, the fairways were narrow, and the rough was tough. In such a tournament, Bryson DeChambeau (30, USA) was the only one to lift the trophy while hitting under par. It was a solo run with a gap of 6 strokes from the 2nd place that hit even par.

Bryson DeChambeau roars after winning the PGA Tour held in March 2021. At that time, DeChambeau had increased his weight to 110 kg. AFP Yonhap News
At that time, DeChambeau’s average driving distance in the 4th round was 336.3 yards, and his shots hit far exceeded 370 yards. It was the birth of the ‘bomb and gouge’ strategy. Bom and Gouge made any obstacle helpless.

This is the background in which DeChambeau, who fell in love with the long-hit charm, was tempted to ‘bulk up’, saying he would open an era of 400 yards. And in the end, I got sick. After weighing up to 110kg, he suffered from frequent injuries. The only win added after the US Open was the Arnold Palmer Invitational held in March 2021.

DeChambeau, who participated in this year’s PGA Championship, looked completely different. In the first round of the tournament (total prize money of 15 million dollars) held at Oak Hill CC (par 70, 7394 yards) in Rochester, New York on the 19th, DeChambeau announced a splendid revival. He shot a 4-under 66 with 6 birdies and 2 bogeys, ranking first among players who completed all 18 holes.

“Now is the time to finish the ‘experiment,’” he said. It meant that he would not dwell on the long hit. DeChambeau said, “(The change due to bulking up over the past few years) was very interesting and certainly helped, but now I’m tired of the change,” he said. “I want to play stable golf.” He also reduced the weight he had gained for long shots. In this tournament, he showed a 180 degree change from the US Open three years ago. According to the American golf media ‘Golf Channel’, DeChambeau lost 35 pounds (about 15.87 kg) from three years ago.

It was a diet that started due to frequent injuries and health problems caused by bulking up. He used to drink 6 bottles of protein shakes a day and ate 5,000 kcal, but recently lowered his calories by almost half to 2,900 kcal. He appeared as a ‘diet evangelist’.

Although his dream of becoming the ‘Hulk’ has not been fulfilled, the weight loss has allowed him to play ‘good golf’, another goal of his. DeChambeau cooked Oak Hill CC, which is as notorious as Wingedfoot GC, with moderate long hits and short games. It wasn’t even that the rain distance gave it away. On this day, the average driving distance was 347 yards, which was 3rd overall. In the ‘longest hit’ record, he recorded 1st place overall with 366 yards. DeChambeau looked back, saying, “(Through the bulk-up I once did), I gained a lot because I have the power to send 200 yards with an 8-iron.” Dustin Johnson (39, USA), who belongs to the LIV Golf Series along with DeChambeau, tied for third place with a 3 under par 67. Among the players on the American Professional Golf (PGA) Tour, Scotty Scheffler (27, USA) joined Johnson and the competition for the championship.

Korean players have been sluggish. Lee Kyung-hoon (32), Kim Joo-hyung (21), and Kim Si-woo (28) tied for 63rd with a 3-over par. Lee Kyung-hoon and Kim Joo-hyung finished the first round, and Kim Si-woo left one hole. Yang Yong-eun (51), the winner of this event in 2009, tied for 117th with a 6-over par 76. Lim Seong-jae (25), who won the Korea Professional Golf (KPGA) Korean Tour Woori Finance Championship held in Korea last week, was sluggish with a whopping 10-over-par 80 and stayed at the bottom.

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