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“I hope our players can exercise normally and happily like the players of other teams.

” pointed out that there should be He emphasized that the fundamental purpose of the truck demonstration is also here.스포츠토토

Basketball fans who identified themselves as fans of the ‘Goyang Jumpers’ are currently holding a truck demonstration in front of the KBL office building in Nonhyeon-dong, Seoul. The truck protest, which started on the 2nd, is scheduled to continue for 3 days until the 4th.

Seok-hwan, a basketball fan who led the protest, said in a phone call with Rookie, “It is irresponsible to extend the period of preparing countermeasures without meaning to Day One Sports, which has not been able to operate normally for one season and has no certainty of future countermeasures.”

On the 31st of last month, KBL held an extraordinary general meeting and board of directors meeting for Day One Sports, which was in arrears in player wages and was unable to operate the club normally, and ordered a specific solution by the 15th. If you can’t fulfill this, you can’t avoid the worst situation of club disqualification.

Mr. Seok-hwan said, “It doesn’t make sense that professional players have not been paid for months. Of course, Day One Sports should be responsible for all this. It is a place. KBL, which tolerated joining under such circumstances, is of course also responsible.”

He said, “I wouldn’t say KBL’s responsibility if this situation came to this while operating normally like existing corporate clubs, but we gave opportunities to places that had problems from birth, and if this situation happened in less than a year, of course KBL would take the responsibility as well.” I have to,” he added.

In addition, “Orion, which handed over the team to Day One Sports, is not free from responsibility. It’s nothing but abandoning and leaving. Fans who have supported this team since Daegu’s Dongyang days in the past should reflect on how many times a group called Orion has hurt and cried.”

Mr. Seok-hwan said, “Compared to the days of Orion, the number of fans really increased last season and the atmosphere was different. I didn’t do anything,” he said.

He continued, “I planned the balloon cheering and carried it out with my own money. When other teams handed out playoff cheering tools and souvenirs, we had to pay for them. I was envious of other stable teams, but to give strength to the players I participated and tried. However, I have no idea what Day One Sports did as the club’s operating body.”

Also, “The card that the club took out saying that it would solve the difficult situation was before the ointment. Even at the time of its establishment, there was talk of relocation, but Chairman Kim Yong-bin directly stepped forward and said that he would be in Goyang. He pointed out that he did not express a single understanding or apology to the Goyang fans who cheered hard.”

And “But if the team was normally taken over and our players could play basketball normally and happily like the players of other teams, I could understand that too. But looking at the current situation, isn’t it not being able to do that properly and not be able to solve the players’ overdue salaries? And KBL We are giving such companies more time to advise them of hope,” he complained of frustration.

Mr. Seok emphasized that although a normal takeover of the team is necessary to resolve this situation, the players as well as the employees who worked for the club must receive all overdue salaries. In addition, he conveyed the position that all costs should be paid to the partners who have not been paid for overdue payments, as a normal solution.

Seok-hwan said, “Before the situation came to this point, KBL should have tried to solve the problems of players in difficult situations.” If not, he said he would proceed with actions after the truck protest.

He said, “The fighting spirit shown by our players was really great and touched my heart. The bond with the players was really great. It is most important for the players to continue playing basketball normally. “There are some people. So I can’t say that our thoughts are the position of all fans. However, I think everyone has the same mind, although the method is different. In the future, if the situation is not resolved properly, we will proceed with what is necessary.”

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