Tue. Sep 26th, 2023

 It’s strange. The shortstop missed the Golden Glove due to an injury, but there is no vacancy at all. It has been 10 days since Oh Ji-hwan of the LG Twins was sidelined due to an injury.

At first, even when Oh Ji-hwan was missing,메이저사이트 there were great concerns that LG had a big hole in the ball and defense. Oh Ji-hwan played an active part as the team’s center batting line with 25 homers and 87 RBIs last year, and his defense was also evaluated as the best in Korea.

He also showed good pace this season with a batting average of 30% (6 hits in 20 at-bats) in 5 games, 5 RBIs, 4 stolen bases and 4 runs scored.

It was none other than Kim Min-seong who perfectly filled the gap where Oh Ji-hwan was missing. He joined the Lotte Giants as a shortstop in high school and played shortstop in his early professional years. However, after he moved to Nexen Heroes in 2010, he started as a third baseman instead of a shortstop. After coming to LG, Kim Min-seong had never started as a shortstop.

Kim Min-seong, who became a backup after giving up the third baseman position to Moon Bo-kyung last year, prepared an all-weather backup this season as well. Kim Min-seong, who practiced not only as a third baseman, but also as a second baseman and first baseman, said he had been training as a shortstop since the demonstration game.

Kim Min-seong, who started as a shortstop from the Kiwoom Heroes match on the 7th, showed a surprisingly stable defense, and the old shortstop DNA came back to life. I am no longer concerned about balls going to shortstop.

It’s not just about defending well. survived the blow. Kim Min-seong, who had a batting average of 207 li (29 hits in 140 at-bats) last year, played a big role in the lower batting line this season with a batting average of 305 li (10 hits in 28 at-bats) with 7 RBIs, 7 runs and 2 stolen bases. there is. He has been showing a good hitting feeling lately, having hit in five consecutive games.

Kim Min-seong said, “The feeling of hitting isn’t bad. The result didn’t come out, so if you hit it, it won’t come out. Later on, I’ll hear that the bat has improved too.”

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