Tue. Sep 26th, 2023

 Shin Tae-yong (53), a legend in Seongnam, has risen to the top as a ‘K-League Legend’. He couldn’t help laughing and expressed his joy freely.

Coach Shin, 크크크벳who currently holds the baton of the Indonesian national team, attended the induction ceremony for the first inductees to the K-League Hall of Fame held at the Ambassador Pullman Grand Ballroom in Jangchung-dong, Seoul on the 2nd.

The K-League Hall of Fame was established this year to commemorate the 40th anniversary of the K-League. Choi Soon-ho, Hong Myung-bo, Shin Tae-yong, and Lee Dong-guk were named as the first inductees.

Kim Jeong-nan, former manager of Ulsan Hyundai, was nominated for the leadership category, and Park Tae-joon, honorary chairman of POSCO (passed away in 2011), was nominated for the contributor category.

On this day, director Shin, who was selected as one of the six inductees, flew from Indonesia to shine. Coach Shin left a big mark in the K-League by playing as the best star in Seongnam Ilhwa (now Seongnam FC) during his active career.

Coach Shin, who spent most of his active career in Seongnam, scored 99 points and 68 assists in 401 K-League games, and stood at the center of Seongnam’s unprecedented feat of winning three consecutive K-League championships twice (1993-1995, 2001-2003).

Coach Shin, who transformed into a leader after retiring from active duty, participated in the 2018 World Cup in Russia, directing the Korean national soccer team following Seongnam. He is currently preparing for the Qatar Asian Cup next January while serving as the coach of the Indonesian national team.

In a vote to select one player for each generation of 10 years, coach Shin received 21,881 votes, beating Yoo Sang-cheol (16,404 votes, passed away in 2021) and was selected as the third-generation winner.

Shin’s two sons, Shin Jae-won (Seongnam) and Shin Jae-hyeok (Ansan), who are currently active in the K-League, attended the ceremony as recommenders and congratulated their father for entering the Hall of Fame.

In a pre-interview before the dedication ceremony, director Shin couldn’t hide his joy, saying, “If you talk calmly, it’s an honor for the family.”

He continued, “In fact, there has never been such a big award. I was in Indonesia, not Korea, and when I saw the news of the Hall of Fame in the media, I thought it would be nice if (me) was awarded.”

He added, “I secretly expected a lot because I did my best in the K League.”

He also expressed his joy, saying, “It’s an honor to be chosen (as a nominee) like this, and I tell my kids, but it feels good because it’s an honor for the family.”

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