Tue. Oct 3rd, 2023

On the afternoon of the 22nd round of the Hana OneQ K League 1 2023 at Jeju World Cup Stadium on the 11th, Jeju head coach Nam Ki-il and Gwangju head coach Lee Jung-hyo were in different moods. Nam and Lee have a long history as head coaches, having worked together at Seongnam, Gwangju, and Jeju. However, from their facial expressions to the way they speak to the way they approach the game, there is nothing similar.먹튀검증

During the pre-match interview, the visiting coach addressed the recent ‘manner ball’ controversy that has been raging in the K League. After the last round match against Gangwon, Lee made the controversial comment, “Don’t expect to see Gwangju in the future,” referring to the opponent’s delaying behaviour. “When you are seriously injured, you have to stop playing. There are players who just say they are sick, go out and have water and play again. Don’t cheat like that, stick to the basics. (I’ll be criticised for saying this, but) this is my character.” There hasn’t been such a frank and outspoken coach in the K League in recent years.

Nam, on the other hand, was as calm as his neatly coiffed hair. When asked for his opinion on his junior’s controversial comments about the manoeuvre ball, he said, “I’ve seen the article,” but laughed it off, saying, “I can’t be bothered with other teams right now.” Jeju had gone six games without a win (two draws and four losses) before this day and had slipped to seventh place. All of Nam’s focus was on overcoming the “second crisis” rather than worrying about what the opposition coach had to say. “We are playing well. We just need to score goals. The lack of goals puts pressure on the defence,” he said. He was hoping for a goal to wash away the blanks after scoring just four goals in his last five matches. Lee, who is winless in his last two matches, explained the importance of the game by saying that the winner will be on an upward curve.

Jeju came out strong in the early stages. However, midfielder Kim Bong-soo’s shots kept missing the target. None of the 12 shots were on target. The team looked less confident in front of goal. In the fifth minute of the second half, Seo wasted a one-on-one opportunity. Hayes’ shot went wide of the post. Gwangju brought on Lee Hee-gyun, Kim Han-gil, and new signing Becca in the second half to try and pull away. It was clear from Lee’s rising voice in the technical area that the game was not going their way. Nam silently shook his head. In the 31st minute, Beka’s mid-range shot was headed straight at the keeper. As it was a midweek game, the players’ steps slowed down as time passed. Unlike the previous match between Gangwon and Gwangju, the day ended quietly with no controversial issues, no manner ball controversy, and no goal that both managers were eagerly awaiting.

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