Sat. Sep 30th, 2023

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Ryu Ji-hyuk, who was traded from the Korean Baseball Organization (KIA) to Samsung, played his first game for Gwangju.

Ryu Ji-hyuk, who was very attached to KIA, received a special gift from his former teammates.

Reporter Kim Soo-geun caught up with him.

Ryu Ji-hyuk, who became a Samsung player just a few days ago, came to Gwangju to play against Chinjeong in a blue jersey.

Entering the stadium with his equipment bag still clearly marked with the KIA logo and cheered on by fans, Ryu Ji-hyuk greeted the KIA players, including head coach Kim Jong-guk, and was surprised with a jersey from his KIA days signed by his former teammates.

[Ryu Ji Hyuk/Samsung]
“An autographed jersey. That’s right. He asked me to come suddenly, so (coach Kim Jong-guk) said thank you and do well.”

Three years after moving from Doosan to KIA in 2020, the trade was still unfamiliar.

[Ryu Ji-hyuk/Samsung]
“I don’t think I can get used to being traded. It’s always disappointing, and there were a lot of things I wanted to achieve and do (at KIA), but now I’m trying to do it at Samsung.”

Some KIA fans travelled all the way to Pohang shortly after the transfer because of his Altoran-like performance.

[Ryu Ji-hyuk/Samsung]
“It was very emotional for me, and I think a lot of thoughts, a lot of memories went through my mind.”

He also recounted the aftermath of the trade day.

It was a sudden decision, I arrived five minutes before the game, and I had no time or space to adjust to my new team.

[Ryu Ji-hyuk/Samsung]
“I didn’t even know what I hit or what type of pitches I was getting, so it was the first time I’ve been so nervous since I was a rookie.”

With injuries to established players like Oh Jae-il and Kang Kang-ul and a lack of experience among the younger beasts, Samsung has high hopes for Ryu Ji-hyuk.

[Ryu Ji-hyuk/Samsung]
“I’m going to tell them what I know and what I’ve learnt, and I’m going to have fun doing it, and hopefully there will be good results…”

He vowed to raise the team’s spirits after finishing in last place and make his trade worthwhile.

[Ryu Ji-hyuk/Samsung]
“We are a team with a bright and hopeful future, so we will do our best to finish in a good position, so please give us a lot of support. Go Samsung Lions!”

I’m Kim Soo-geun from MBC News.

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