Sat. Sep 30th, 2023

You know, sometimes winter can get a little dark and dingy. For most of the ski season, it gets dark before 4pm, the sun doesn’t come up until after 7am, Mother Nature hurls ice and wind at us and Ullr buries life in deep snow. After six months or so, it’s enough to give anyone cabin fever. But, then March comes calling and brings with it the best month of skiing all season. 

Why is March so good? Well, Daylight Savings keeps the lights on later, the snow gods give us a truckload of powder, temperatures rise and the snow softens up. Who doesn’t love a little mashed potato, goggle-tanning, no jacket skiing under bluebird skies? So, don’t forget to set your clocks ahead this weekend. We’ll be waiting for you on the sunny side.

  1. Sun – What is this mysterious glowing ball in the sky, and where has it been all our lives? Because March is the start of spring, it means the Earth is moving through its elliptical revolution around the sun and we’re getting closer to summer. That means we get more sunlight than the rest of the season. With the cloud cover we typically get here in New England, the sun coming out in March is a pretty great excuse to punch 토토사이트out of work and do outside things again. And it sure makes the everything look purdy.
  2. Snow – Don’t kid yourself. There’s still at least 3 more weeks of winter coming our way. March has historically been our snowiest month of the season. Last year we got 7 feet of snow from the end of February through the end of March, so don’t get too anxious to trade your fat skis for four wheelers just yet.
  3. Wacky Outfits – When it’s warm, people dress down. And when you dress down in ski gear, it means trading facemasks and hand warmers for jerseys, retro snow suits and wigs. And it’s 100 percent awesome. If you start seeing your favorite TV show characters flying by you and it looks like iParty just exploded in the base area, you know it’s time for spring skiing.
  4. Events – What else goes great with warm weather and longer days? ! We go absolutely stir crazy with events in the spring. Backcountry festivals, demo days, banked slalom courses, pond skimming and parties every weekend. This is the most fun time of the year to come skiing, no matter what the conditions might be.
  5. Night Skiing Gets More Fun – When DST returns, it stays light out later than usual. We already run night skiing four nights a week, but what’s cool about it in the spring is that it’s still light outside at 7pm. Ski Patrol only ropes off trails when it’s too dark that it becomes dangerous, so that means that in late March, you could be skiing Cobrass, Vermont 200 or even Preacher at 7pm as the sun goes down. There’s a reason we have the best sunset skiing this side of the Rockies.

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