Sat. Sep 30th, 2023

Harry Kane’s (30) first trophy may have flown away.

“A small hiccup at Tottenham has prevented Harry Kane from boarding his flight, and despite a late departure to Germany, it could cost him his first trophy,” said British media outlet Tribuna on the 11th (below).

바카라사이트Kane’s move to Bayern Munich is now a reality, with multiple media outlets reporting on the 10th that Munich and Tottenham have reached an agreement on a deal for Kane. The Bavarians made an offer worth more than €100 million (£145.8 million), which Spurs accepted. All that remained was Kane’s choice.

Harry Kane chooses Bayern Munich. 433 social media captures

After much deliberation, Kane chose Munich. With the English Premier League (EPL) about to kick off and his goalscoring record on the line, he decided to go to Germany and was expected to fly out this afternoon.

But there was a twist. Tottenham suddenly demanded that Munich renegotiate the transfer fee and other details, leading to the cancellation of Kane’s flight. Multiple media outlets reported that Kane’s transfer was at a standstill. It was a ridiculous situation for Munich.

It was later reported that Tottenham had cleared Kane’s departure and that he would be flying to Germany. According to German outlet Bild, the flight is scheduled to depart at 8.15pm BST and the player will undergo a medical shortly after arriving in Munich.

However, this could cost Kane the first trophy of his career. Munich face RB Leipzig in the German Super Cup at 3.45am on the 13th. If Kane arrives late, he won’t be able to train with the team and won’t be able to play. Of course, all the official formalities would have to be completed before then, but in any case, a late arrival at Spurs’ whim could prove fatal.

Will Kane lift his first trophy? 433 social media captures

Will Kane be able to lift his first trophy in Munich’s first official game of the season after all these twists and turns?

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