Tue. Sep 26th, 2023

 Former UFC fighter Kim Dong-hyun (35), who worked as ‘Kim Dong-hyun B’ and ‘Little Dong-hyun’, took the ring name ‘Maestro’ and worked as Ma Dong-hyun, reported the recent situation of suffering from cervical myelopathy.

In MBC’s ‘Real Story Expedition’, which airs on the 20th, 메이저놀이터the current situation of Kim Dong-hyun, who is fighting a paralysis of the lower body that suddenly came one day, is revealed.

Kim Dong-hyun started his mixed martial arts career in 2007 and debuted in the UFC in 2015. He was active as a Korean UFC fighter with the same name ‘Stun Gun’ Kim Dong-hyun, as well as Yang Dong-yi, Jung Chan-sung, Kang Kyung-ho, and Choi Doo-ho. After his UFC debut, he suffered two consecutive losses, but since then he has achieved remarkable results, such as winning three in a row.

Donghyun Kim is known for his straightforward and tough style when he played as a player. One day, feeling uncomfortable with his body, he thought it was a chronic disease, a herniated disc, and endured the pain in his neck and shoulder only with painkillers, but one morning his left leg became paralyzed and he went to the hospital.

His disease was identified as cervical myelopathy. The bundle of spinal nerves passing through the cervical spine is compressed, resulting in various symptoms, and in severe cases, paralysis of the lower body may come.

Kim Dong-hyun said, “Originally I was preparing to set up a gym in my name and play in the game, but I suddenly fell into an unexpected situation.” said.

As a result of steady rehabilitation after surgery, he has now recovered to the point where he can move slowly with his cane.

The story of Kim Dong-hyun, a fighter of misfortune who suddenly disappeared from the ring, can be found on MBC’s ‘Real Story Expedition’ at 9:00 pm on the 20th.

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