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As a coach, I feel an infinite amount of responsibility. I will learn from it and do better in the next game and help the players recover quickly.”

“As a coach, I have a lot of responsibility,”온라인바카라 said Jung Jeong-seok (46), goalkeeping coach of the women’s national soccer team at Campbelltown Sports Stadium in Sydney, Australia, on June 26. I analyzed a lot after yesterday’s game,” he said.

South Korea (17th in the world), coached by Colleen Bell (62), lost 0-2 on Friday to Colombia (25th) in their first match of Group H at the FIFA Women’s World Cup Australia-New Zealand 2023. After conceding a penalty kick goal in the 30th minute of the first half, she added another nine minutes later. Linda Caicedo (18-Real Madrid) fired a shot from the edge of the box that goalkeeper Yoon Young-gul (36-BK Hecken) was unable to handle properly, allowing the ball to cross the goal line. After conceding the first two goals, South Korea was unable to regain the momentum and ultimately dropped a highly anticipated first-leg victory. Korea will face Morocco (ranked 72nd) in the second round on March 30.

“I was upset yesterday, but I also reflected a lot,” Chung said, adding, “It’s most important for the players to get their minds together. We talked about it yesterday.” Yoon Young-gl is a goalkeeper who plays for Sweden. Even after the players finished training, she stayed on the field to run. “She’s a good player who takes care of herself. She also relieves stress through exercise.”

“It’s important for players to recover mentally. In soccer, there is an average of 2.5 goals per game, which means that each team concedes one goal.” “Yesterday, we made a mistake that shouldn’t have happened, but the stress of conceding a goal should be minimized.”

He also shared his frustrations with the women’s soccer community. “If you look at the student girls, the main goalkeeping resources are about five goalkeepers a year. This is not comparable to men’s soccer, where there are 250 to 300,” he said. “Our goalkeepers are outstanding players who have built up their skills on their own.” The goalkeepers for the national team are Yoon Young-gul, Kim Jung-mi (39, Incheon Hyundai Steel), and Ryu Ji-soo (26, Seoul City Hall). Chung, who retired as a goalkeeper in 2011, has been coaching the women’s national team since 2019.

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