Sun. Oct 1st, 2023

 Barcelona are preparing for a major midfield reshuffle this summer.

Spanish media ‘Marca’ reported on the 18th (Korean time) that “Barcelona will send Frankie the Yong if they sign Ilkay Gundogan this summer.”

The Yong was plagued by rumors of a transfer to Manchester United last summer. Because Barcelona was not financially comfortable, they wanted to collect the transfer fee revenue from the sale of The Yong.

The transfer did not take place바카라사이트. The dragon’s intention was firm. It is reported that he refused to move to Manchester United despite the agreement between the clubs being over.

Relations with Barcelona are still not good. Conflict arose over the cut in weekly wages. Barcelona is demanding an unreasonable weekly wage cut from The Yong.

Among them, the possibility of joining a new player was raised. According to reports, Barcelona plans to sign Gundogan as a free agent when his contract with Manchester City (Man City) expires this summer.

The position of the dragon can only be narrower. ‘Marca’ said: “There are options in Barcelona’s midfield: Pedri, Gaby, Pablo Torre, Frank Kessie and Sergio Busquets. If Gundogan joins, The Yong will have to leave the team.”

Manchester United is still being discussed as a likely destination. Coach Eric Ten Haag, who had a relationship with The Yong at Ajax, said at a press conference, “The Yong is a fantastic player. He went even further. He is a player with unrivaled talent,” he said, expressing affection.

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