Fri. Jun 2nd, 2023

“The coach said I did well for the first time this season.”

Pohang Steelers defender Park Chan-yong (27) started and played full-time in the match against Daegu FC in the 12th round of the ‘Hanawon Q K League 1 2023’ held at DGB Daegu Bank Park on the 10th. He filled the void left by Ha Chang-rae, who suddenly left the day before the match, while thoroughly sealing off opposing striker Edgar.

Park Chan-yong먹튀검증 started four games after the opening, and after Grant’s return, the time he sat on the bench increased. This is because Pohang built a defensive line with the combination of Grant and Ha Chang-rae. Park Chan-yong said, “At first, I couldn’t adapt to how to spend my time (sitting on the bench). I saw things I hadn’t seen before. I learned a lot while looking at the strengths of Grant and Changrae hyung. It’s definitely good to play on the pitch. It’s been a long time since I played, but for the first time this season, the coach said I did well.” He smiled.

Park Chan-yong said that he heard about playing against Daegu on the way home from work on the 8th. He said, “The director asked, ‘Are you ready? ‘Always ready,’ he said. He said let’s do it. I knew it wasn’t easy to come to an opportunity, and I thought I’d try it without regret.” I think that kind of mindset came out of the arena. I thought I should prepare like this.”

After all, it’s competition again. Park Chan-yong’s resolution is also different. There’s nothing special about that. Park Chan-yong said, “I think each has different strengths and weaknesses. I can’t change what I have right now. I want to appeal to the coach and play in as many games as possible. Isn’t the choice up to the director?” he said calmly.

Park Chan-yong has one more goal besides winning Pohang. enlisted immediately He applied last year and was rejected. Park Chan-yong said, “The goal of the team is to go to Sangmu after winning the championship. fell last year (After falling apart) Every time I meet the director, I think I’m in trouble,” he scratched his head, then laughed, saying, “But the director treats me like that without hesitation.”

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