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 Around 2000 was the Braves’ heyday. The best pitcher of his time was holding on. It’s Greg Maddox. Plus, there was a good catcher. Javi Lopez has the best offensive ability. But the relationship between the two is strange. For some reason, it creaks.

Among these, the number one is definitely Maddox. He seemed to be very apprehensive of Lopez. That’s why he always chose a different catcher as his partner. It’s not just a moment either. This went on for a whopping five years. The ones wearing masks are just ordinary faces such as Eddie Perez and Paul Barco.

Around this time, such words were circulating within the team. ‘ABL (Anyone But Lopez)’. ‘Anyone but Lopez.’ That’s what it means. No matter how many 30 home runs you hit, it’s useless. The same goes for the All-Star Game and even during the postseason. When Maddux is on the mound, Lopez is always on the bench.

Because the throw to second base is not good? Is framing (meeting) not cool? no. There is only one reason. It’s because I don’t have any sense. There’s something Maddox hates. The spacing between pitches increases. You have to exchange signs quickly and throw it right away to get rid of your anger.

It’s not a matter of mood. There is also a logical basis. If time is wasted, the pitcher is at a disadvantage. The batter has time to catch his breath. I think about various things. Then, I am concerned that the ball combination will somehow be read.

Maddox’s style is to compete with technique rather than power. This is quite understandable. Sometimes, he would throw signs and other balls without hesitation. Then, one time, Lopez’s finger was broken (after receiving the wrong ball).

먹튀검증Ryu Hyun-jin narrowly missed his fourth win. This is because he was replaced with one out left. He was replaced after two outs in the fifth inning in a home game against Boston held at Rogers Center in Toronto on the 18th (Korean time). His record is 6 hits, 2 walks, and 2 strikeouts in 4.2 innings. He didn’t concede any goals. He was very disappointed because he was ahead 1-0. However, it is good to see that the earned run average (ERA) has been lowered to 2.62.

The process of overcoming several crises was praised. He crossed 2nd and 3rd bases twice (2nd and 3rd inning) with no outs, and also ended the inning in the 4th inning with a double play on 1st and 3rd bases with one out. There is a series of favorable reviews about this in the local media. ‘He remained solid even in times of crisis’ (mlb.com) ‘He encountered difficulties a few times, but his ability to escape was excellent’ (Toronto Sun).

However, there is one thing that stands out. It was like working with a catcher. Best friend Danny Jansen is out due to injury. Tyler Heineman was chosen as a stand-in. It’s already the 3rd game. It is noteworthy that offensive catcher Alejandro Kirk continues to be excluded.

Of course, the team’s consideration was also included in this casting. Manager John Schneider, who is also a former catcher, said, “It is difficult to establish a relationship between a pitcher and a catcher in a short period of time. However, Heinemann is a player who prepares hard. “Ryu Hyun-jin also seems to feel comfortable,” he explained.

But I can’t be fully satisfied. On this day, Ryu Hyun-jin shook his head several times. The sign given by the catcher doesn’t look right. In the middle of the inning, a scene where a staff member was talking about something related to Heinemann was also caught on the broadcast screen.

Let’s apply Maddox’s logic to this part. Speedy resolution is important. A fast tempo is essential to push the batter. That’s the argument. This is especially true for pitchers who use a variety of pitches, speeds, and locations. You have to get it right at once to go with the flow. If you shake your head a couple of times, the steam is already gone.

This is especially true in today’s environment. A pitch clock (pitching time limit) was introduced. When the countdown starts, my mind becomes anxious. Therefore, the tiki-taka of the battery is more important.

There is one fortunate thing. This means that you can use Peachcom. After the sign-stealing incident, the MLB office introduced electronic equipment for catchers to sign autographs. It is a method of exchanging signals by pressing buttons instead of fingers. This brought about a groundbreaking change. This is because pitchers can also wear and use this equipment. In other words, not only is the catcher able to sign, but the pitcher can also decide on the type of pitch if necessary.

Recently, Ryu Hyun-jin also shows scenes like this often. I shake my head a few times at the catcher’s sign. If you don’t feel like it, your eyes will go to your waist. Then he presses the button on the Peach Com on his belt. It is a clear communication like ‘this time it’s a curveball’ or ‘no, let’s go with a changeup’.

The ball combinations of high-level pitchers are complex and connected. This means that they are not disconnected one by one. Throw at least the next ball, or even the 3 or 4 balls ahead. For example, create a scenario such as, ‘This time, if you hit a fastball to the body, next time, a slider to the outside, and the third time, if you hit it high to the body again, you will get a missed swing.’

Maddox did that. He already has a clear picture in his head of what he will throw next and after. If this is not done right away, the rhythm will be broken.

He has his own method. Immediately after he throws the ball, he himself signals to the catcher. This is a pre-arranged signature. For example, ▶ if you touch the hat, it’s a slider ▶ if you step backwards and catch the ball (thrown by the catcher), it’s a fastball ▶ if you kick the ground with your foot, it’s a curve.

But Ryu Hyun-jin doesn’t need that. Now it can be solved with just a few buttons. This is what my best friend Danny Jansen said in an interview with a media outlet before he was injured. “I have the primary authority to decide on the type of pitch. Ryu still acknowledges it. However, if it goes wrong twice, it changes. He presses the button himself. Then the rhythm won’t be broken and the pitch clock will be fine.”

Of course, skill in handling electronic devices is also important. He seems to be a good early adopter. Even after a year and a half of closed training, he is not clumsy with unfamiliar equipment. This is also Jansen’s testimony. “(Ryu Hyun-jin) handles pitchcom better than anyone else on our team. “It’s professional level.”

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