Tue. Oct 3rd, 2023

Son Heung-min (31, Tottenham Hotspur) starts from the bench against Peru. It remains to be seen if he will be able to play as a substitute.스포츠토토

The Korean national team, led by coach Klinsman, will play friendly matches against Peru and El Salvador at Busan Asiad Main Stadium on the 16th and Daejeon World Cup Stadium on the 20th. The players who joined Busan on the 12th prepare for two consecutive A-matches through training.

Overseas players playing in Europe joined Paju early and maintained their physicality and senses. Hwang Hee-chan said, “The physical coach made a really strong training program. My physical condition has really improved.”

Son Heung-min also joined after the 2022-23 season, so he was able to train the team right away. However, he did not attend training on the 12th. He tied up with K-leagues such as Cho Kyu-seong, Kim Jin-soo, and Hwang Eui-jo and conducted recovery training on the track outside the stadium. He paired up with Kim Jin-soo and stretched while lying down, watching his younger siblings run.

I was able to find out the reason for recovery training through an official from the Korea Football Association. An official from the association said, “Son Heung-min underwent minor sports hernia surgery on May 29 after the Premier League game. He is currently recovering. Whether or not he will participate in the game will be determined depending on his recovery.”

According to officials, he returned to Korea after undergoing surgery in England. This official said, “Son Heung-min himself is showing a strong will to participate. Today, we are conducting recovery training, not team training. There are differences in recovery depending on the person. It is not a serious level. It is not completely down, but slightly twisted.” added.

Son Heung-min did light running, jumping, and short sprints from the 13th. However, he was not able to properly train the team because he was immersed in his own Cheongbaekjeon and set-piece training. At the official press conference before the game, Kim Seung-gyu came out instead of Son Heung-min. If you point out that there are players who usually start, the possibility of Son Heung-min’s absence has increased.

Coach Klinsman spoke of Son Heung-min at a press conference. When asked about his condition, “Son Heung-min will sit on the bench. Every day is getting better and better. We have to watch the situation until tomorrow. It’s getting better than when he came in at the end of the season, but it’s getting better day by day. I have hope, but we have to wait a little longer.

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