Sun. Oct 1st, 2023

Jang Min-jae (33), one of the starting pitcher candidates for the opening game of Hanwha, showed off his good condition in his first live pitching. 

On the 18th (hereafter Korean time), Jang Min-jae performed live pitching in Bellbank Park, Mesa, Arizona, USA, where he put the batter upright and threw it like a real game. In addition to a fastball with a maximum speed of 136 km, he mixed a slider and a forkball. The highest speed was only 136 km, but it is not very important to Jang Min-jae. Despite an average speed of 136 km last year, Jang Min-jae spent his personal best season with a forkball as his main weapon. 

Jang Min-jae, who started as a substitute starter and took a place in the rotation, recorded 7 wins and 8 losses with an average ERA of 3.55, digesting 126⅔ innings in 32 games. Gained the most wins in the most innings in a season. In particular, he showed a strong appearance in the crisis as a losing streak stopper who broke the team’s 9 consecutive losses, 10 consecutive losses, 17 consecutive losses against KIA, and 9 consecutive losses against KIA. 

Hanwha coach Carlos Subero also said, “Jang Min-jae was our team’s best starting pitcher this year. He said, “I want to give even a gift,” and said, “You must not leave out Jang Min-jae’s name as a candidate for the opening match next year.” For the team’s continuity, head coach Subero established the principle of selecting a domestic pitcher as the starter for the opening game. For the past two years in a row, Kim Min-woo was selected for the opening game, but Jang Min-jae was also classified as an early starter this year and is preparing. 

Throughout 먹튀검증the winter, Hanwha expanded its starting resources by recruiting Lee Tae-yang as a free agent and Han Seung-hyeok as a trade. Top prospects Moon Dong-ju and Nam Ji-min are also preparing for their first full-time selection, and the competition is fiercer than ever. However, Jang Min-jae said, “There are many fast ball pitchers on the team, but I also have something that others do not have. I am confident that I will not fall behind the competition,” he said. 

Even after the first live pitching on the day, Minjae Jang said, “I am satisfied overall. The ball went where I wanted it 90% of the time. He’ll keep the status quo, and I think the pace will pick up more when the weather gets warmer,” he said confidently. v

Meanwhile, Minjae Jang, Minwoo Kim, Felix Pena, Sihwan Jang, and Seunghyuk Han conducted live pitching. 

Kim Min-woo, who is aiming for the opening game selection for the third consecutive year, threw a curveball and a forkball with a fastball of up to 141km. He said, “Even considering it was my first live pitching, it felt good. Overall, I am satisfied with the good pitch and control. Now that we are entering the actual battle mode, we plan to improve our control and pitch a little more.” 

Pena, who came in as a substitute player last year and succeeded in renewing the contract, also tested the highest 149km fastball, two-seam, cutter, slider, and changeup evenly. “It was my second live pitching, and it was better than the first,” Pena said. Overall, the body is doing well. I will try to show a more perfect appearance in line with the actual fielding.” 

Jang Si-hwan, who renewed his contract with Hanwha for up to 930 million won in 3 years as a free agent, also made full use of fastballs, cutters and curves for up to 144 km. He said, “It was my first live pitching, and although the weather was not good (due to the strong wind), I was overall satisfied with my pitching thanks to my good body. He changed pitches and patterns while playing 4 pitches against 5 batters, and it worked. I will prepare for the actual battle with an emphasis on throwing a lot of strikes and winning on the inside of Utama.” 

Han Seung-hyeok, a transfer student from KIA, threw a 145km fastball, two-seam, slider, curve, and forkball. He said, “It was my first live pitching, but I was not very satisfied because I felt that my body rotation speed was still lacking. I think he needs more personal training,” he said.

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