Sun. Oct 1st, 2023

Even in professional sports that aim for fair competition, incidents that undermine fairness such as ‘match fixing’ occur frequently. The level of punishment imposed on those who have been blinded by financial gain and damaged the spirit of fair play is so severe that it is impossible to recover. 

However, what is more important than strong punishment is prevention and surveillance of misconduct. The Korean Horse Racing Association, the governing body of horse racing, implements a campaign to prevent horse racing misconduct and activate reporting to create a fair racing environment.

The Korean Racing Association operates a reporting reward and incentive system so that anyone can directly report irregularities in horse racing that undermine the fairness of horse racing. Anyone can report any situation in which jockeys, trainers토토사이트, racers, and other persons involved in horse racing are involved in acts that may undermine fairness or the circumstances are suspicious. 

Depending on the severity of the report, the level of punishment, and the active cooperation of the reporter, rewards and incentives are paid. If horse racing officials, such as jockeys and trainers, directly report horse racing misconduct by other horse racing officials, they can receive a reward of up to 500 million won and incentives of up to 50 million won. In the case of reporting by the general public, up to 100 million won in reward and up to 30 million won in incentives can be paid.

You can report horse racing misbehavior by visiting the reporting centers located in three horse racing parks across the country, or through the ‘Korean Racing Association Horse Racing Misconduct Report’ channel, a landline phone, e-mail, or KakaoTalk chatbot. The identity of the reporter is thoroughly protected, and if it is difficult to do it in person, it is possible to report through a family member or an agent (lawyer).

In addition to activating reporting, the Korean Racing Association plans to strengthen awareness of fairness in horse racing by producing promotional content to prevent misconduct and raising awareness among officials through publicity campaigns through online and offline channels. To this end, the Fair Management Office of the Korean Racing Association visits Pukyong and Jeju Horse Racing Park on the 25th and 26th to hold a fair horse racing promotion council with the training instructors and jockeys association. Through this, we plan to share cases of horse racing misconduct and seek countermeasures and promotion strategies to improve fairness. 

Moon Yoon-young, head of the customer service division of the Korean Racing Association, said, “I hope that the campaign to prevent horse racing misbehavior will raise awareness of horse racing misbehavior and serve as an opportunity to provide clean and transparent horse racing products to customers.” Regarding misbehavior, we will root out horse racing misconduct with one hundred punishments through the principle of zero tolerance.”

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