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Lotte Giants catcher Son Seong-bin, 21, has received rave reviews from LG Twins manager Yoon Kyung-yeop.

Son joined the team after being discharged from the Merchant Marine on the 12th of last month, and was called up to the first team shortly afterwards.

He is currently the backup catcher behind Anbang Manim Yoo Kang-nam. Despite his inconsistent playing time, he has made his presence felt on a number of occasions.

A prime example was on the 9th of this month against LG Electronics at Sajik Stadium. In the top of the seventh inning with his team leading 7-4, Son Sung-bin sniped Moon Bo-kyung, who was heading to second base, for the out. Choi Jun-yong threw a change-up, and with a full count, the runners were automatically on base, but Son showed off his strong shoulders to get rid of the runners. The team held on for the win, making Son’s performance even more impressive.

Lotte catcher Son Sung-bin contributed to the team’s victory with his strong throwing ability. Lotte Giants

During the manager’s briefing before the All-Star break, Yeom Kyung-yup was full of praise for Son. Despite being an opponent, he said, he had something to offer.카지노

“I think Song-goo is the fastest player (ever). Not only is he fast, but he’s so accurate. Most of the time, he’s on the base (for tagging),” he said. “That day (the 9th) was a full-count run hit, not a stolen base, but because he was sitting there, even if I had a chance to run, I didn’t sign for a stolen base. That’s his strength. He doesn’t let the opposing bench or players start him, which is a huge benefit to the pitchers.”

“His (Choi Jun-yong’s) forkball was a good delivery, but I didn’t think the runner was slow to start. The ball was too accurate, which is an advantage. So it makes you think. You have to wait for the one-bound timing (for the pitcher to throw the changeup). You can’t just run. You have to understand the type of pitcher and try to steal.”

Son’s stolen base rate is among the best in the league. ⓒLotte Giants

As Yeom said, Son has shown off his ability to prevent stolen bases. Despite the small sample size this season, he has a 100% stolen base rate (4/4). The runners he’s caught have been no slouches either. Starting with Guillermo Herridia (SSG Landers – 16 June), Lee Yoo-chan (Doosan Bears – 2 July), Oh Ji-hwan (LG – 9 July), and Moon Bo-kyung (LG – 9 July) have all been solid runners.

This season, Son has a 0.69-second “changeover time” – the time it takes to switch from pitch to delivery – which is faster than the league average of 0.77 seconds. His “pop time,” which combines his changeup and delivery velocity, is 1.82 seconds, also shorter than the league average of 2.08 seconds. This is an impressive feat for a rookie catcher in his third year of professional baseball.

Son is getting better and better as he gains experience. With his ability recognised by opposing managers, we wonder how much he will continue to hone his strengths and become a great player.

Lotte Giants catcher Son Seong-bin. Lotte Giants

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