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Heungkuk Life Insurance Lee Joo-ah was a volleyball prodigy who was selected for the adult women’s volleyball team as a high school student. She won a bronze medal at the 2018 Asian Games in Palembang, Jakarta, and she competed with her sisters at the 2018 World Championships. That year, Lee Joo-ah, who received the first overall pick in the rookie draft, grew up in her attention, receiving a lot of media spotlight since she was a teenager. She was a pillar of the future of Korean volleyball, so if you search on the portal site, you can easily find the performance of volleyball player Lee Joo-ah. However, little information about her human migration child and information about her daily life are lacking. So <The Spike> met him as the 6th main character of Lifestyle.

This is my first interview with <The Spike> in two and a half years.
I’m very happy to be interviewed after a long time, and it’s fun to think about that time while taking pictures (laughs).

Do you know what kind of interview [Lifestyle] is about?
Yeah, I know. I also watched the video that (Lee) Dahyun filmed before.

In an interview conducted after he became a professional player, he said, “Have you ever played outside of volleyball?
no. never had one I always interviewed about volleyball. It’s my first time, so I’m nervous, but I’ll try my best.

Lee Joo-ah, a girl who dreamed of becoming a model,

let’s start the interview now. Describe today’s look.
I got the concept from her hair to all black. But you have to have points, right? So, I gave the shoes a white accent (laughs).

What style of clothes does she usually wear?
I don’t usually decorate. I don’t even wear makeup. If I want to decorate, I put on makeup first (laughs). I can’t draw eyeliner, but I do eyelash curlers and cheek touches.

The items you usually carry with you.
I carry a pouch, which contain

s gargle, Vaseline, comb, enzyme안전놀이터, artificial tears, chewing gum, tint, and hair tie. I always take this pouch with me wherever I go.

Lee Joo-ah’s MBTI is.
I’m an ISTJ. (I thought it was E.) It’s really I. I’m really shy, but the more shy I get, the more talkative I am (laughs). But everyone didn’t believe it. And make plans. I don’t plan very detailed, but when I go out with my friends, I tend to plan where I’m going and where I’ll go if this place is closed.

If I had been a college student like everyone else, I would have graduated right now.
If I were a college student, I would like to try CC (campus couple) (laughs). I recently watched a drama called ‘Cheer Up’ and it was more fun than I thought. Ever since I was little, I thought a lot about wanting to do CC if I was a college student. But it’s all just thoughts.

What would you have done if you hadn’t been a volleyball player?
Actually, before becoming a volleyball player, my dream was to become a model. But in Korea, they say you shouldn’t be too tall. And I have a little bit of a gait (laugh).

What are your favorite sports besides volleyball?
I like to swim. I learned to swim since I was little. She also liked water. And I also like Taekwondo. Although she dropped out of her white belt (laughs). Tae!Kwon!Do! I even threw my fist while shouting.

When you’re stressed out?
I buy cell phone cases. 
Do you often play with your teammates? (Park) I often hang out with Eunseo at the dorm. If I say play outside, I often hang out with (Park) Hyeon-joo and (Park) Soo-yeon. (What they usually do and play.) First of all, I eat a lot (laughs). Since we eat well, even if two of us go to a restaurant, we order 4 dishes as standard. Are you the type to plan things yourself when playing with the players? Hyunjoo really has no plans. I always make a plan and say it first, and when (the plan) is good, I say, “Unni, I think it’s good,” but when it’s not good, I say, “Unnie, I don’t like it.” Suyeon is at least the type to plan. But both said, “Shall we go? Should I?” I say a lot. What’s your favorite food? I love noodles. Especially, I often eat pasta. (Recommended restaurants are.) There is a pasta restaurant called ‘Olive 1999’ in Gwanggyo, and it is really delicious. Pork cutlet is also served with sirloin, but it is really tough (laughs). Where do you go most often in the off-season? It’s really homely. Even if my friends ask me to go out and play, I am too lazy to go out. There is such a thing. I’m making plans with my friend, but since I’m trying to meet him, it’s annoying, so I ask to meet him next time. I’m sorry. If I say go out, I usually go to Seoul. Are there many people walking around to find out?

Have a few minutes. There are some people who can’t recognize him because he wears a mask, but those who recognize him while wearing a mask are really volleyball fans. But I’m tall. So before, my friends were very embarrassed to go out with me. When I go out, people keep looking at me. So I told my friends, “I can’t help it. We still have to go together.”

How do you deal with stress when you’re stressed out?
When people are stressed, they go to karaoke or something like that. But when I get stressed, I relieve it by buying a phone case. There are so many cell phone cases in my room, so I change them whenever I get stressed (laughs). 

Hyunjoo and Eunseo should never be introduced. If you have a younger brother, who can introduce you to the team? hmm… I don’t think there is. (On the contrary, those who absolutely cannot.) First of all, Park Hyeon-joo. never. It’s a boring style. If my younger brother has a similar personality to me, I don’t think I’ll be able to meet Hyun-joo’s style because I’m too tired. And no silver letters. I feel sorry for my younger brother (laughs). If you had a vacation for a month from now, what would you like to do? I have never been to Gangneung, so I absolutely want to go there. I also want to go to Pohang, Busan, and Jeju Island. Speaking of which, it’s all on the sea side.

I prepared a few balance games.
Going out on a day off VS Lying in bed

I want to go out, but I think there are many times when it’s annoying. The bed is so nice.

If you go on a trip,
it’s domestic vs overseas. I want to stop flying (laughs). When I’m on a plane, I sleep a lot. If it’s a 10-hour flight, I sleep 8 hours. Still, I want to travel more domestically. (A travel destination I would recommend.) Busan. I’ve only been there once with friends and it was great. I also rode a boat and I was very happy. But it was too cold (laughs). It was very cold because it was the sea.

Winter VS Summer
Winter. I really hate being hot. I don’t like it when it’s really cold in winter, but if I had to choose between the two, I think winter would be better.

Drama VS Movie
Drama. I don’t watch movies as much as I thought. Still, I tend to watch dramas often. Among the things I’ve seen, there’s a drama called ‘Mello is the constitution’, and it’s really fun. You must see this once.

Between men and women, friends exist vs. do not
exist. I don’t think there are any friends between men and women (laughs). (If your boyfriend says he’s going to meet his female friend.) I think it’s okay if he’s close friends since childhood, but if it’s not, I don’t think he’ll like it.

Today, I did an interview without volleyball. How was it?
Talking about my daily life made me feel good just thinking about it. As I was doing the interview, I thought of wanting to play, and it was a really fun time.

Finally, please say something to your fans.
Thank you for always sending us a lot of support. Please continue to visit the stadium and support us so that our Heungkuk Life Insurance can finish the season well. The weather is cold, so please be careful not to catch a cold.

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