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 I hate you to death, but I didn’t forget to celebrate my birthday thinking about the old times.

Cristiano Ronaldo was born on 5 February 1985 which was his latest birthday. He hosted a party with his wife, Georgina Rodriguez, and his son Junior, along with his family and friends.

Ronaldo’s home team, Manchester United스포츠토토, also did not forget the congratulatory message. He remembered the old friendship with the message ‘HAPPY BIRTHDAY’ through SNS.

Manchester United’s congratulatory message on Ronaldo’s birthday is somewhat unexpected. It’s because the process of breaking up wasn’t good.

Ronaldo returned to Manchester United after 12 years of rapid growth ahead of last season.

He seemed to announce his splendid comeback, including scoring the most goals for Manchester United. However, he did not last long. He pushed for a transfer, saying he would not play in the Champions League this season.

In particular, through interviews, he openly criticized Manchester United and crossed the river of no return. Management was furious and eventually terminated his contract.

After leaving Manchester United, Ronaldo headed to Asia through Al Nasr and recently scored his debut goal from a penalty.

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