Sun. Oct 1st, 2023

 “I hope it’s not a big injury.” Head coach Cho Dong-hyeon was also concerned about the injury of Heo Ung (KCC).

Ulsan Hyundai Mobis, led by head coach Cho Dong-hyun, won 76-70 in the 2022-2023 SKT Adot Professional Basketball regular league away game against Jeonju KCC held at Jeonju Gymnasium on the 9th. 3rd place Hyundai Mobis continued 토토사이트to win 5 consecutive wins against KCC, including the last match last season, chasing 2nd place Changwon LG by 1.5 games.

A bloody battle with reversal after reversal. It was Hyundai Mobis who showed their backing. In Hyundai Mobis, Gage Prim (13 points, 8 rebounds) and Jang Jae-seok (19 points, 9 rebounds, 4 steals) counterattacked Laguna and Lee Jong-hyun to defend the bottom of the goal. Seo Myung-jin (14 points, 3 3-point shots, 2 rebounds, 4 assists) and Lee Woo-seok (10 points, 2 assists) also played their part.

Coach Dong-Hyun Cho said after the game, “There is nothing special to say because the players worked hard. I also know that there are difficult parts. So, in the 4th quarter, I showed a lack of concentration, but it was nice to show that I was getting stronger little by little and overcoming it. I am just grateful,” he said.

Regarding Jang Jae-seok, who led the team’s attack by putting in all nine field goals, “He is a player who can do better. I think I’ve been under a lot of pressure, but I’ll do better in the future. he has talent He confidently faced (Lee) Jonghyun and energized the team.”

Kim Young-hyun is scheduled to receive a detailed diagnosis. Shortly before the end of the second quarter, Kim Young-hyun, who tried to block Calvin Epistola’s fast break, suffered an impact on his knee in the process of landing after jumping. Kim Young-hyun was not put in after that. Director Jo Dong-hyun said, “I think I will have to go to the hospital when I go up to the dorm. He showed a willingness to try after the first half, but after the trainer checked his condition, he told me that it would be difficult.”

Although he is an enemy commander, he also left a word about Heoung. Heo Woong broke his right ankle in the process of landing after attempting a layup shot early in the second quarter, and was carried out on a stretcher. Heo Woong will also receive a detailed diagnosis on the 10th.

Director Jo Dong-hyun said, “I wondered if (Heo) Woong’s injury would be poison to us. I thought my concentration would be loose. On the other hand, KCC showed Woonggi coming together as a team after getting injured. I’m the manager of the opposing team, but I’m worried because I think he’s hurt a lot. I hope it’s not a big injury,” he said.

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