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 The new mercenary was given two assignments.

On the 7th, Hyundai E&C and Heungkuk Life Insurance met in the 5th round of the women’s division of the ‘2022-23 season Dodram V-League’ held at the Suwon Indoor Gymnasium.

Previously, Hyundai E&C had maintained first place in the league only with domestic players for two months due to Yasmin’s absence. Hwang Yeon-joo filled the position well with the reassurance of a veteran, but the firepower of the mercenary was essential for victory. However, Yasmin’s back was in serious condition. He continued to get irritated. Let alone the league, even a simple warm-up became difficult, and Hyundai E&C fell토토사이트into trouble. 

There was a basic card called mercenary replacement, but it was difficult to take it out. It was not easy to break up with Yasmin, who had a very large stake in Hyundai Engineering & Construction’s No. 1 Mercury. 

And on the 6th, Hyundai Engineering & Construction recruited Yvone Montaño (registered name Montaño), who was playing in the second division of Turkey, as a replacement for Yasmin. This is the power of winning the top scorer for two consecutive seasons in the Swiss league in the 2020-21 and 2021-22 seasons. 

On this day, I was able to meet Montaño briefly before the match started. He did not join the game that day, but accompanied his teammates to watch. 

Standing in front of the reporters, Montaño expressed his feelings without hesitation, “I tried many tryouts before coming to Korea, and I am so excited and happy to have come to the end.” 

Hyundai E&C is currently running in the top 1 of the league. I asked if it was burdensome to join in the middle of the season. Montaño said, “The team is maintaining such good results, and I thought it would not be easy to join in the middle of the season. I think this burden is something I have to carry, but I will not give up until the end.” 

Before entering Korea, he said, “I looked for Hyundai E&C on YouTube and came here.” He said, “If I come in and help such a good and strong team, I think I can continue to win first place.” 

Through a pre-interview earlier, head coach Kang Seong-hyung commented on Montaño as “a player with good technique.” However, how to break through the tenacious defense of Korean players has also emerged as an issue. Montaño cited ‘strong attack’ as the main point for this. “First of all, I really like volleyball

, and my strength is that I do my best for the team, whether it’s practice or a game. The most important thing is that I work carefully on each ball.”

It was a challenge to bring It is still unknown what the sum of Montaño and Hyundai E&C will be before the match begins in earnest. The date for Montaño’s Korean debut has not yet been set.

According to the club officials, Montaño will be introduced from the middle of the 5th round. In effect, he is counting down. 

Expectations are high that Montaño will be able to show off the court bombing with hot attack power, as it has finally stepped into the Korean league that it has longed for.  

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