Wed. Jun 7th, 2023

 A large number of professional players from Yonsei University visited the stadium, but among them, Yang Jun-seok (LG), looking at the court, was different. He seemed to have mixed feelings about not being able to play many official games on the Yonsei University court.

Yonsei University ㅋㅋㅋ벳won 84-79 in the 2023 KUSF College Basketball U-League match against Hanyang University held at the Yonsei University Sinchon Campus Gymnasium on the 26th. Yonsei University, which produced a turnaround by 17 points, sprinted to a 7-game winning streak in the opening game.

More players from Yonsei University than usual visited their alma mater. It was because there was a time to deliver a plaque of appreciation and a commemorative frame to commemorate the retirement of Professor Park Young-ryeol, who served as the basketball team captain for eight years and shared the heyday of Yonsei University. Yang Jun-seok, along with Lee Won-seok, Shin Dong-hyuk (Samsung Lee Sang-sang), Lee Jung-hyun (Day One), and Park Ji-won (KT), watched the game and cheered on his old teammates.

Yang Jun-seok is a so-called ‘Corona student’ in his 20s. Since January 2020, Corona 19 has been spreading in Korea, and due to this, not only professional sports but also college basketball U-League were unable to proceed normally. The college basketball U-League was held at LG Champions Park in Icheon for a while.

Since last year, the league has been held in a home & away format again, but Yang Jun-seok, who was in his third year at the time, suffered an injury in the second game when he ruptured his cruciate ligament. Afterwards, he challenged the 2022 KBL Rookie Draft as an early entry and was nominated by Changwon LG as the first overall pick. In other words, there were only two official matches played on a home court full of spectators.

Yang Jun-seok said, “I got hurt in the second game I played at home. It’s so fun to see a game with a lot of students from the stands. I felt that I wanted to play right away with (Yu) Ki-sang and (Kim) Geon-woo.”

Yugi-sang and Kim Kun-woo are seniors at Yonsei University who are scheduled to participate in the draft this year. Yang Jun-seok said, “These are the players I got close to while living in college. I hope you don’t get hurt and finish well,” he left a word of support.

Yang Jun-seok, who made his debut after overcoming rehabilitation in the 2022-2023 season, only played 18 games. According to the rules, it is possible to challenge for the next season’s rookie award, but Yang Jun-seok said, “It is more important to adapt to the team quickly and help out. It is the first offseason with the team after joining, so I think the upcoming offseason will be important.”

Regarding his debut season, Yang Jun-seok said, “I returned to the court after a year, so it was not easy in all areas, but I was grateful just to play. I didn’t perform as well as I thought, but I will prepare better for next season. His older brothers did their best to prepare for the semifinal playoffs, but SK did very well. I admit it.” I looked back.

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