Thu. Jun 1st, 2023

The expected transfer fee for Harry Kane (Tottenham) has been reported.

Kane has been doing great this season. He scored 22 goals in 29 matches of the ‘2022-23 season English Premier League (EPL)’. He is in second place behind Elling Haaland (28 goals), but there is a big gap with Ivan Tony (17 goals) in third place with 5 goals.

However, the situation of the team is not good. 메이저놀이터Tottenham were eliminated from the UEFA Champions League (UCL), FA Cup and Carabao (EFL) Cup. Even the fourth place in the league is uneasy. While virtually unrelated, Kane’s contract expires next summer. This is why reports have been circulating that he will leave the team this summer in order to win.

The team that wants Kane the most is Manchester United. Manchester United are looking for a striker who can upgrade their team. Only Boot Bechorost was loaned out in January to sign a solid striker this summer. He has saved money and intends to invest in Kane.

However, in order to recruit Kane, he must negotiate with Tottenham chairman Daniel Levy. Levy is known for being a notorious negotiator. Currently, he is sticking to the position that he will never sell Kane, but the prevailing expectation is that he is trying to raise the price.

Frank McAveny of England’s ‘Football Insider’ revealed that Tottenham wants a transfer fee of 80 million pounds (about 130 billion won). McAveny explained, “For that amount, Tottenham will transfer Kane.” According to the media, Man United also decided to pay the amount.

McAveny said: “Man United are developing again under a good manager. Kane is the player Manchester United needs. Marcus Rashford scores, but mainly plays from the wing. Kane is a very ideal card for manager Ten Hag,” he said, anticipating the transfer.

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