Sat. Sep 30th, 2023

Pedro Poro (23) is expected to head to Tottenham Hotspur after lengthy negotiations.

Portugal’s Hekord said on the 28th (hereinafter Korean time) “Tottenham have already agreed to pay 45 million euros (about 60 billion won), and a deal is imminent. Poro bids farewell to Porto in the Tassa da Liga final There is a high possibility of doing it,” he reported.

In other words, the media’s forecast that the League Cup final against Porto will be a prisoner’s farewell. The League Cup between Sporting and Porto will be held on the 29th at 4:45 am.

In addition, European transfer market expert Fabricio Romano also informed, “The prisoner goes to Tottenham. The contract is a matter of time. All parties are waiting for the deal to be completed, and it is believed to be completed by the weekend.” 메이저놀이터

The prolongation of the POW negotiations is due to the coordination of details. Summarizing the report of ‘Hecord’ on the 27th, Tottenham promised to pay a transfer fee of 45 million euros, and is currently negotiating the ratio with Marcus Edwards’ 40% cell-on clause.

The previously known prisoner buyout is 45 million euros. However, the reason for negotiating even Edwards’ cell-on clause is that the POW buyout was not triggered in January. ‘Hekord’ explained, “There is a specific time when the mechanism is activated. It is not January,” and “This is why Edwards’ cell-on clause package was included in the prisoner’s negotiations.”

In other words, Tottenham couldn’t sign a prisoner with only 45 million euros. It was not a buyout, so I needed to convince Sporting, and I want to give away some of Edwards’ cell-on clauses. Edwards joined Sporting after spending time at Tottenham and Vittoria. At the same time, a cell-on clause was inserted, which was set at 40% Tottenham and 10% Vittoria. Sporting paid attention to the potential value of Edwards and touched the cell-on clause to benefit from future transfer fee income.

Accordingly, if an agreement is reached on the rate of Edwards’ cell-on clause, the transfer of prisoners can be accomplished. Multiple media are looking to finish it by the weekend.

If it ends amicably, the Poro is believed to be wearing a Tottenham shirt by midweek next week. The long transfer saga of POW is running towards the end.

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