Sat. Sep 30th, 2023

One of the hottest potatoes in the 2022 KBO League trade market was Han Seok-hyun (29), who was a member of LG. He was showing excellent results in the Futures League (second team), but he was unable to break through the thick first-team outfield of LG.

From the outside, it could be judged to be a ‘surplus resource’, and in fact, many clubs tried to trade Han Seok-hyun. It was a team that was in a hurry in the outfield. However, LG narrowed the trade door at some point after seeing that the cards did not fit. As Han Seok-hyun was injured here, the trade discussion naturally disappeared.

Han Seok-hyun, who had already confirmed the interest of other clubs with trade inquiries during the season, applied for the Futures FA qualification. Last year, only the annual salary (39 million won) had to be compensated, so the market’s interest was quite large. As the salary that can be given according to the regulations is the same, it was important how well they could appeal other conditions. The team that Han Seok-hyun held hands in the scramble was none other than NC. It was a somewhat unexpected choice since it was a team with not a few outfielders, but Han Seok-hyun confessed that he was moved by a warm word from NC.

When asked if he had any fears when he applied for Futures FA, Han Seok-hyun said, “I don’t think there was anything like that. I applied, and it was my decision. I thought it was my choice,” he said, “NC moved people’s hearts스포츠토토.” Said selection background. Han Seok-hyun recalled, “I think he treated us a little more warmly when we spoke. He said, ‘We are like this,’ while not being in a hurry and in no hurry, and it felt like he showed everything inside.”

It was not just a recruitment proposal, but the plan for how to use Han Seok-hyun in the future and the team showed the sincerity of how much he wanted him. The NC outfield, supported by constants such as Park Gun-woo and Son Ah-seop, could have had fewer opportunities than other teams with weaker outfields, but Han Seok-hyun believed those words and boldly chose to go to Changwon.

Rather, the outfielders are becoming Han Seok-hyun’s most important adaptation helpers and support. Han Seok-hyun said, “(Son) Ah-seop and (Park) Geon-woo keep talking about things like, ‘You’re good right now, it’s okay, have confidence.’ Thank you.

His confidence was there from the beginning. Han Seok-hyun carefully said, “To be honest, I am confident in my offense, defense, and run.” It’s a bit more optimistic than pessimistic. He said that until last year he did not have many records in the first team, but he thinks that he will be able to do well enough if he is given a chance in the first team. That’s how he is going through spring camp with the motivation of his first season.

Such Han Seok-hyun recorded multi-hits in a practice game with the WBC national team held on the 17th (Korean time) and received the attention of the NC coaching staff. He hit against top pitchers in the league, Kim Gwang-hyun (SSG) and Won Tae-in (Samsung). Of course, since this is a practice game, there is no need to attach much importance to this multi-hit, but we can feel that Han Seok-hyun’s confidence is not a simple bluff. It is noteworthy whether NC, which won with sincerity in the scramble for Han Seok-hyun, will be able to enjoy the jackpot effect.

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