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As a pro, your body is your property. In the past, the fighting spirit of enduring pain and running was taken for granted, but not now. The way I think about injuries has changed. There is a strong perception that it is better to treat an injury quickly when it is small than to endure it later and then get bigger and fall out for a long time.먹튀검증

But Jaehoon Ha of SSG Landers seems to be an old man. I endured the pain and ran. No one knew until the end of the game that he had fractured his finger.

Ha Jae-hoon was canceled from the first team entry on the 12th. The reason was his finger fracture. On the 11th, against the NC Dinos, after getting a hit in the top of the 6th inning, he stole second base, but injured his left thumb. After that, Lee Jung-beom succeeded in scoring. There was pain, but Ha Jae-hoon did not say it. Looking at the relay screen at the time, there was no scene where Ha Jae-hoon felt pain after stealing bases. Ha Jae-hoon may not have thought of a fracture. Ha Jae-hoon also defended afterwards, and in the beginning of the 8th inning, he went to the plate once more and struck out, and he played the game to the end.
SSG coach Kim Won-hyeong said of Ha Jae-hoon’s injury prior to the KT Wiz match on the 13th, “It’s a pity to put aside the pain.”

That is also true for Ha Jae-hoon, because his injury keeps following him and he is unable to properly show his skills. He had a delayed start to the season this year as he fractured his shoulder while defending during spring camp. Only on the 24th of last month, he came up to the first team and showed an explosive blow. In 14 games, he batted 3.4 with 2 runs (13-for-38), 2 homers and 7 RBIs. He also had a very good OPS of 1.024. Jaehoon Ha, who had a tumultuous baseball life after going abroad and returning, started as a pitcher in SSG and became the save king, but turned to hitter again due to a shoulder injury. However, he injured his finger on his first stolen base attempt.

Coach Kim said, “I didn’t know if he was hurt because he didn’t show his teeth during the game,” and “Jae-hoon is a player who runs with that kind of heart. That’s why I feel more sorry for him.” want,” he said.

I plan to recheck in 2 weeks. Coach Kim said, “Wouldn’t he come back sooner than when he had a shoulder injury? Coach Kim could not hide his sad expression while talking about Jae-Hoon Ha because he knew all too well the heart of a talented player who couldn’t show his skills because of an injury, and the heart of wanting to play and playing until the end despite pain.

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