Wed. May 31st, 2023

Dylan Pyle (27, Doosan Bears), who started before his debut, shed tears at the Hanwha Dynamite batting line.

Dylan started the 6th game of the season against the Hanwha Eagles in the 2023 Shinhan Bank SOL KBO League held at Jamsil Stadium in Seoul on the 4th, and was shaken with 4 hits (2 homers), 1 walk and 5 runs in 4 innings. 

Dylan finally made 토토사이트 his debut a month after the opening. Up to the third inning, he pitched with a fast-paced, aggressive pitch and pitched well with one hit and no runs. After two outs in the first inning, he was hit by Noh Si-hwan, but Chae Eun-seong was grounded by shortstop, and he had three-way innings in a row in the second and third innings.

Still shaking sharply in the 4th inning against 0-0. With no runners in the first run, he gave up a solo home run to Roh Si-hwan for the first time. The low curve of the 6th pitch thrown from a full count went over the left fence. Afterwards, Chae Eun-seong dedicated a superior two-run four to Kim In-hwan at the first baseman, which led to a heavy hit. It was an advantageous count of 0B-2S, but the changeup on the 3rd pitch was formed high. 

Dylan could hardly find peace. He followed-up Choi Jae-hoon to walk on base after a full count, and caused a crisis on the 1st and 3rd bases with a wild throw and an error from the 2nd 1st baseman. When Oh Seon-jin’s first baseman grounded, he failed to catch first baseman Yang Seok-hwan’s toss while covering first base. However, there were no additional errors. He blocked Jang Jin-hyeok with a fly ball to third baseman to end the inning.

Dylan took the mound in the 5th inning, trailing by 2-3, but was driven to 1st and 2nd base safely with a right-handed hit to lead Noh Soo-gwang and a walk to Jeong Eun-won. 

Dylan’s debut match ended here. He handed over the mound to rookie Kim Yu-seong and ended the game unfortunately. 89 pitches. He added a slider, changeup, and curveball under a fastball of up to 150 km. He threw 54 strikes and 35 balls.

Kim Yoo-seong failed to deal with the crisis. Following a wild throw, he walked Noh Si-hwan and allowed Chae Eun-seong a home run. Both of Dylan’s successors homered, increasing his earned run to 5 points.

Dylan, who became a Doosan man for a total of 650,000 dollars (approximately 800 million won), was hit in the head by a batted ball while pitching live at spring camp in Sydney, Australia at the end of February. As a result, he was unable to return home with the main team and remained in Australia to settle down. Complaining of dizziness, his flight to Korea was canceled. 

Fortunately, Dylan recovered and set foot on Korean soil on March 12. Afterwards, he did not accompany him to the demonstration game expedition, but conducted a detailed examination at Seoul National University Bundang Hospital. Dylan did not complain of any special symptoms other than a slight headache, but he rested without a training schedule for a month in March. 

After recovering his condition, Dylan finally joined Icheon Bears Park on April 1 and started his comeback. He raised his pace through four rounds of bullpen pitching and a practice game against Yeoncheon Miracle (3 scoreless innings), and on April 27, he played a Futures League match against KIA and prepared for his first team debut with 4 innings, 1 hit, 3 hits, 4 strikeouts and no runs. finished 

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