Sun. Oct 1st, 2023

“It’s a life song I’ve been listening to since I was young.” “I am more moved to hear my father play the trumpet in Korea, not in my home country.”

Santana, cheered on by his father’s trumpet, led the team to victory.

IBK Industrial Bank won the 5th round match against GS Caltex held at the Hwaseong Gymnasium on the 16th with a set score of 3 to 1 (25-20, 14-25, 25-19, 24-14).

A surprise guest appeared온라인카지노in front of the players who were warming up before the game on this day, drawing attention.

Santana’s father, who came to the stadium to cheer for her daughter Santana, performed a wonderful performance with Kim Suji’s cheering song on a trumpet he prepared himself, receiving cheers and applause from the fans.

Santana became the number one contributor to the victory by scoring 25 points, the most for both teams in the game.

Santana’s father, who tasted the joy of victory while intuitively watching his daughter’s game, went on the court after the game and left memories with the IBK Corporate Bank team and a photo commemorating the victory.

After that, Santana’s father, who was with his daughter during the interview with the best player, started playing the trumpet happily.

When Santana was asked by the announcer to “introduce her father to her fans,” Santana smiled as she clasped her face, shyly saying, “Leave it alone.”

IBK Industrial Bank, who won, caught up with 5th place GS Caltex with a difference of 2 points and continued their hopes for spring volleyball.

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