Sun. Oct 1st, 2023

Jeonbuk Hyundai Motors FC signed a semi-professional contract with Jeonbuk U18 goalkeeper Gong Si-hyeon (18).

Jeonbuk Hyundai officially announced through a press 메이저사이트 release on the 10th that they had signed a semi-professional contract with Gong Si-hyun.

Gong Si-hyun, a native of Jeonbuk U15, joined Jeonbuk U18 in 2021 and was coached by current B team coach Ahn Dae-hyun. Gong Si-hyun won the 2021 Jeollabuk-do Superintendent of Education and Jeollabuk-do Football Association as the main player and won the GK Award.

Gong Si-hyun, who signed a semi-professional contract, plans to digest the U18 Junior League with Team B this season.

Coach Ahn Dae-hyun said of Gong Si-hyun, “He is a player with excellent defense ability and feet,” and said, “I will help both physically and mentally for the development of the player.”

Meanwhile, Jeonbuk Team B, which took a break in the first round of the K4 League, will start a new season starting with the second round of the K4 League against the Seoul Jungnang Football Club on the 11th. /

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