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How is Jeonbuk Hyundai’s existing coaching staff organizing traffic as a new coaching system is imminent?먹튀검증

Jeonbuk was eager to find the right person in the situation where the head of the team was vacant, and announced the new command tower system on the 9th. Dan Petrescu has been officially announced as head coach.

Coach Petrescu is a veteran who has played more than 500 games in Romania, Italy and England during his active career. At Chelsea, he built a winning career while playing as a key player.

After his transformation as a coach, he began to be recognized for his leadership skills as he led Romania’s Uni Lea Urziceni to their first ever league title.

Since 2017, he has won Romania 4 times through Cluj, and has experienced the Asian stage through Jiangsu Suning, Al Nasr, and Guizhou Hengfeng.

Jeonbuk wants to revive the winning DNA under the Petrescu coaching system, which will start its official journey starting with the inaugural press conference on the 14th.

As Jeonbuk’s new head coach, Petrescu, joins the head coach and physical coach, attention is focused on the existing coaches’ traffic control.

Coach Kim Doo-hyeon, who took over the baton after former coach Kim Sang-shik and acted as an acting coach, leaves Jeonbuk after the weekend game against Gangwon FC.

Goalkeeper coach Lee Woon-jae, who joined former coach Kim Sang-shik’s division along with coach Kim Doo-hyun, also parted ways with Jeonbuk.

It is known that the vacancy of the goalkeeper coach will be filled by the joining of Team B’s coach Chung Jeong-seon to Team A. There is a part where concerns are pouring into the part where there is no professional stage experience.

Coach Park Won-jae, from Jeonbuk, will remain with the team and act as a bridge between the players and the new coaching staff.

In addition, coach Petrescu conveyed the opinion that one more person is needed, and it is known that physical coach Lee Se-joon will also remain.

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