Sat. Sep 30th, 2023

KBL provides various gifts to the 250,000th registered member of the integrated website and application.

KBL announced on the 17th, “We are holding a ‘250,000 subscriber event’ ahead of reaching 250,000 subscribers for the integrated website & application.”

When new members sign up온라인바카라, they automatically apply for the event, and 250,000 points are provided to purchase KBL tickets and MDs to the 250,000th member, and 10,000 points are given to 10 new members starting with the 249,990th member.

KBL holds various events such as ‘KBL Draw’, ‘KBL Challenge’, and ‘KBL Roulette Event’ for integrated website & application subscribers, and the number of subscribers is steadily increasing. After surpassing 200,000 subscribers in November last year, two years after its launch, it is about to exceed 250,000 subscribers in about three months.

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