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Harley Street, in the centre of London, has forever been synonymous with prosperity and success in the fields of medicine and cosmetic dentistry. First emerging as a district of prowess in medicine and dentistry around 1816, when the large-scale Victorian townhouses of the area offered early practitioners the ability to house both their dwellings and practices in the same building. This resulted in the area housing some of the most revered dental and medical practitioners of the era, including Florence Nightingale, who resided and operated out of Harley Street from 1856. Another aspect of the appeal of Harley Street as a base of operations for the city’s top dental and medical professionals was its proximity to the many various transport hubs, such as King’s Cross and Paddington Station – allowing easy access to services from all across the city and beyond. Patients seeking 스포츠토토 a dentist von Harley Street can do so safe in the knowledge that they will be seen to in a professional, timely and discreet manner that is befitting of the timeless reputation of the historic street.

Cosmetic care

Some of the most popular procedures which are on offer in Harley Street are those of cosmetic dentistry. These are categorised by any treatment which is used purely to improve the overall aesthetics of a patient’s teeth and tackle superficial issues, such as stains, damage or deterioration, chips or cracks, or overlapping and misaligned teeth. Cosmetic dentistry procedures have grown vastly in their popularity over recent years, but have existed in some capacity since as early as 700 BC, when ancient Etruscans used ivory and bone as rudimentary dental implants. Today, however, there are a number of different cosmetic dental procedures on offer at Harley Street, which includes, but are not limited to cosmetic dentures, crowns and bridges, dental implants, gum lifts, full-mouth rehabilitation, porcelain veneers, smile makeovers and Icon White Spot Treatment. Porcelain veneers are a treatment option which is used to combat stains or damage on teeth, misaligned teeth or just generally neglected teeth. Veneers are an effective form of treatment as they do not involve an extensive procedure and make teeth appear more cohesive and straighter. Veneers are a thin, tooth-coloured layer of porcelain which is bonded to the front of a patient’s teeth, making them look aesthetically pleasing and bridging any large gaps or spaces between them.

Keeping patients happy

Treatments of this nature can be massively beneficial in boosting the overall appearance of teeth and restoring the self-esteem and confidence of those seeking treatment. Having teeth which are stained, damaged or neglected can often result in the social lives of those affected suffering as a result. This, in turn, can lead to a stunted sense of self-confidence, having a detrimental impact on a patient’s overall mental well-being. By seeking dental treatment of a cosmetic nature, patients are once more afforded the ability to smile to their fullest potential, without having to suffer any social embarrassment at exposing teeth which are discoloured or damaged.

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