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SBS Sports commentator Kim Dong-soo (55), who made a name for himself as the best catcher in Korea as a player, took off his feet to train younger players. I felt proud of his catcher position.

Commissioner Kim recently instructed youth catchers in the first training of the ‘2023 KBO Next-Level Training Camp’ (hereinafter referred to as ‘Next Level Camp’) hosted by the Korea Baseball Organization (KBO) at Gijang-KBO Baseball Center in Busan.

This training will be held for 12 nights and 13 days until February 6, targeting 40 standing players of the Little Baseball team selected by the Little Baseball Federation. Commissioner Kim served as a battery coach and gave advice to young catchers.

Commissioner Kim, who met with Star News, said he would like young players to have fun about catchers. He expressed his wish, “Because the position of catcher is difficult and difficult, there are some friends who do not want to do well, but I hope he feels pride or fun when he plays that position.”

At the same time, Commissioner Kim said, “The catcher was the main position in the past, but I think it is the most important now.”

As Commissioner Kim said, this winter, the ‘heyday of catchers’ was held in the FA market. Yang Eui-ji (36) transferred to the Doosan Bears with the largest contract of the year, worth 15.2 billion won in 4+2 years, and Yu Kang-nam (LG→Lotte, 4 years, 8 billion won) and Park Dong-won (KIA→LG, 4 years, 6 billion won) , Park Se-hyeok (Doosan → NC, 4 years, 4.6 billion won) also received a large amount of money by moving the team in succession.

Commissioner Kim, who analyzed that “they are recognized for their skills and the club needed them,” said, “Since Yang Eui-ji, a really good catcher, moved, all the players from various teams moved.” “The value of those players has been recognized,” he said, nodding his head at the words, “It can motivate young catchers as well.” 먹튀검증

After all, ‘basic skills’ are important for success. Commissioner Kim said, “In the end, catching well is the first thing.” He said, “There may be many things, such as game lead, but you have to catch the ball well, so that framing and stealing can be improved.” He added, “As a catcher, if you become a starting player in the pro, you can play for 10 to 15 years, so you have to refine your basic skills when you are young to become solid.”

Commissioner Kim himself was such a player. Having made a name for himself as a top-notch catcher since his amateur days, he joined the LG Twins in 1990 and won the rookie of the year, team championship, and catcher Golden Glove at the same time. Active for 20 seasons, he won 7 Golden Gloves, remaining the KBO’s most record until 2022.

In addition to Commissioner Kim, famous baseball players such as head coach Jang Jong-hoon (55), batting coach Lee Jong-yeol (51), and pitching coach Cha Myung-joo (50) participated in this camp. Having a star player tell you about baseball can mean something special to the players. Commissioner Kim also said, “Such memories can last a lifetime.” “I also remember that seniors like Kim Bong-yeon (71) came and looked at the form when I was in elementary school.”

Commissioner Kim, who said he had met the players for the first time the day before, laughed, saying, “During the meeting, I asked, ‘Does anyone know me?’ and there was a friend who raised his hand. When I asked how he knew, he said, ‘I knew while playing the game.'” He said, “Now that I’m younger than my kids, I have no choice but to do that.”

It’s a short period of just over 10 days, but Commissioner Kim wants to teach the children a lot. In particular, it is even more so because of the rare amateur circumstances of the battery coach itself. He said, “If you have a skill of 1, you can’t raise it to 7 or 8 by training for 10 days.”

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